About Us

What is Bootswiki?

Bootswiki is the collection of all the latest work boots for different types of people to meet their different types of requirements. From here, you’ll get all the latest working boots for flat feet, bad knees, high arches, etc. We have a team of expert people who continually research the market and find the best work boot for you. Our one and only vision is to serve you with the best product while saving your time and energy. Bootswiki will provide you the best guideline for getting the ideal product with authentic reviews by real customers.

How Our Products Are Rated?

Any suggestion you get from Bootswiki is the result of thorough research by our expert team members. At the very beginning, we study the market and deeply analyze our targeted product.

Once the investigation team completes the market research we look for the quality and features of the products. Then we primarily select some products that are highly accepted by the customers. Next, we study the real buyer’s reviews and note down the important factors that we need to focus on.

Based on those factors and their key features we ranked our selected products. The best products of the top brand get the higher rank through our ranking system. Once the product research and analysis is complete, our writing team starts writing a review on the selected product.

How We Make the Product Reviews?

Market Investigation

At the very beginning of our product review, we started with market research. Our research team deeply investigates the market and analyzes the top product of the popular company.

Core Features Identification

Features identification is the most crucial factor that we deeply focus on. This is because not all the features are important for you. So our team looks at the core features of the product that are most necessary for the consumers.

Product Selection

After analyzing the product market and identifying their key features, we primarily select some of the top products of the top brand. During the product selection, we give more priority to those products that have more customer appreciation.

Review Analysis

While analyzing a product, our research team studies the original buyer’s review to get a clear concept about these products. We study more than 100+ reviews for each product. Even we have developed a system to identify the unnatural review so that we can only focus on the original reviews.

Product Ranking

For each of the products we researched and analyzed we give them a score based on their quality and features. The best product of the renowned brand gets the higher rank. Product price, features, and quality is the key factor that we consider while ranking our product.

Review Writing

Once our research team completes the investigation process, they forward the investigation data to our writing team. After cross-check and data validity, the writing team writes the review of that product within a detailed description.

Buying Guide

In the buying guide, you’ll get the overall summation of research findings. From here you can easily choose the right products that can mostly fulfill your requirements.

Who Are We? (Our team)

David Skyler

David is a businessperson and research writer. He is the man behind this “Bootswiki” site. Before starting his own business, he worked for a renowned work boot company for 12 years. After quitting his job, he started his own work boot business. While operating his business, he discovers that some of his customers are not getting the ultimate benefit from their product.

So he did some surveys on their problem and found that they are purchasing the wrong product. This is the reason he created this “Bootswiki” site that allows him to assist a wider amount of people with proper guidelines. Though at the beginning David started his journey all alone, later he hired a team of expert people to help him.

Peter A. Almonte

Peter is a friend of David, who also works with him in the same work boot company as a quality in charge. After creating this “Bootswiki” site, David offers to work with him and Peter accepts his proposal. David hired Peter not because he is a friend of his.

He actually hired him because of his depth of knowledge about working boots. Peter works with us as chief of our expert team. Under his command, the research team conducts their research and investigation.

Bobby V. Harley

Bobby is a research writer and the chief editor of “Bootswiki”. He completed his graduation in English literature and linguistics. Before joining us, he worked for a renowned e-media and a magazine agency as a research writer and editor. We hired him because of his amazing writing skills. He has a super ability to make things simple and easier for the reader.

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