Are Birkenstocks Good For Flat Feet? [Know In Details 2023]

Are birkenstocks good for flat feet? Well, it’s one of the most frequently asked questions we have received lately, and the answer is BIG YES. A pair of birkenstocks is really a great option for people who are suffering from flat feet and other common feet issues.

Birkenstocks offer excellent arch support in the footbed, which helps this sandal to keep the user’s arch in the best position. Along with arch support, this pair of sandals also has a firm heel cup, an open toe box and offers stability and cushioning.

In short, Birkenstocks have everything that will prevent your foot from flattening and falling every time you’re walking. Learn more about why birkenstocks are good for flat feet, how long you can walk with them, and all other related aspects throughout this article.

What Makes Someone Flat Footed?

You may not know, but about 20-30% of the population has flat feet, which can be caused by several reasons. This foot conduction can happen due to various painful circumstances, foot disorders, injury, and even genetic issues.

Along with all of these, the flat foot can also be caused by obesity and arthritis. Other reasons for having flat feet are neurological or muscular diseases such as muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, or spina bifida.

What Makes Someone Flat Footed

A flat foot is a painful condition that makes it difficult for sufferers to walk comfortably and stand for a long time. It also causes difficulty while running and sometimes causes ankles and foot pain as well.

However, you and anyone can minimize the pain in many ways, including wearing the right pair of footwear. In that case, you can wear safety work boots for flat feet as they offer excellent arch support, and you can also wear Birkenstocks sandals for comfort.

Can Flat Feet Be Corrected?

Whether your arches fall with age or you’re born with flat feet, this health condition cannot be cured completely. Although it’s not possible to cure the condition completely, there are many ways to manage the pain.

Can Flat Feet Be Corrected

Alongside managing the pain, some treatments are available to help minimize the symptoms of flat feet. If you’re suffering from flat feet issues, you can take treatment,  surgery, and even change your lifestyle to reduce the symptoms and minimize the pain.

Here we’ll discuss the flat feet curing process that you and flat feet suffer can follow, have a look:


  • Using arch supports or orthotic device
  • Practicing stretching exercises
  • Wearing supportive footwear (like birkenstocks)
  • You can also take physical therapy


Surgery will not cure your flat feet completely but will help deal with issues like tendon tears.

Change Your Lifestyle

  • Take adequate rest and never perform high impact activities
  • Obesity is another reason to face flat feet, so try to keep yourself fit
  • Sometimes medications also help to minimize the pain of the flat foot.

Are Birkenstocks Good For Flat Feet?

Birkenstocks are not like other regular sandals or shoes, they are different, and they help deal with foot issues. They are accompanied by excellent arch support which ensures both flexibility and comfort.

Are Birkenstocks Good For Flat Feet

Not only the arch support or comfort, but Birkenstocks are also good for flat feet for a bunch of reasons. And here we’ve included some of the core reasons why Birkenstocks are good for flat feet. Have a look:

1. The Layer System

One of the primary reasons to use Birkenstocks when you have flat feet issues is because of its layer system. This pair of sandals have a footbed and sole made of four-layer. Through the below section, we’ll show what these four layers do:

The Layer System

  • First Layer: The first layer is the footbed of Birkenstock sandal, and this layer is basically made of cork which ensures comfort.
  • Second and Third Layer: The second and third layers work together to regulate or manage moisture around your feet. Along with regulating moisture, this two-layer also helps to ensure stabilization.
  • Fourth Layer: And the last layer you will find on the bottom side of your sandals is also known as the sole. This layer helps to create friction and prevent slip issues.

2. Toe Bar

Birkenstocks sandals are designed with an adjustable toe bar, which helps to fit your feet snugly. The Toe bar allows your toes to grip the shoe or flex in a very comfortable way when needed. The grip system helps to balance your walking and standing.

Toe Bar

3. Footbed and Sole

Birkenstocks are made with cork and latex footbeds that outline the natural shape of the feet. And the natural shape helps to distribute the body weight across the whole feet. The footbed also offers adequate arch support, ensuring supreme comfort and reducing flat foot symptoms.

Footbed and Sole

4. The Heel Cup

Unlike other types of sandals, Birkenstocks sandals are constructed with a deep heel cup which offers extra stability and support. The heel cup system ensures the natural padding of your feet with enough arch support. And heel cups and proper arch support are essential for people suffering from flat feet.

The Heel Cup

5. Adjustable Straps

Another primary reason to use Birkenstocks sandals when you’ve flat feet is because of the adjustable straps. Adjustable straps allow the user to easily be able to tighten or loosen the straps according to the comfort level.

Adjustable Straps

6. High-Quality Material

Birkenstocks sandals are made of high-quality uncompromised raw materials, and that makes the sandals ensure comfort and last longer. This sandal’s footbed is made of natural latex, cork, suede, and jute, and all of them come from sustainable sources.

High-Quality Material

7. Arch Support

The main reason Birkenstocks is recommended by podiatrists is the rich arch support. Birkenstocks offer just perfect arch support which helps to keep the user’s feet in a perfect position. The natural arch support and design of Birkenstocks sandals also ensure perfect grip as well.

Arch Support

8. Specialized Cork Soles

Birkenstocks are made with special cork soles that provide excellent arch and heel support. And proper arch support will help to deal with flat feet issues. The cork sole is also molded into feet arch shape and make it super comfortable for flat feet sufferers.

Specialized Cork Soles

We hope that all of these factors are sufficient to understand why Birkenstocks are good for flat feet. And the good thing about the Birkenstocks is they come with a more extended lifespan.

Are Birkenstocks Good for Fallen Arches?

Although flat feet and fallen arches may look similar, they are not exactly the same. A flat foot has been used to describe that this feet issue has been present in the individual’s body from childhood.

Are Birkenstocks Good for Fallen Arches

On the other hand, fallen arches mean the flat feet issues have developed during adulthood. Dispatch the terms or related things, fleet foot or fallen arches can be minimized through Birkenstocks.

Birkenstock sandals are manufactured with a comfortable footbed and cork sole that offers superior arch support. Moreover, most podiatrists also suggest Birkenstocks for fallen arches or flat feet.

How To Break In Birkenstocks Faster

If you’re a new user of Birkenstocks, then you have to break your sandals to get complete comfort. However, many people think it tough to break Birkenstocks, actually, it is not. You can easily and break Birkenstocks sandals, and follow the section below for guidance:

How To Break In Birkenstocks Faster

Walk Regularly:

Try to walk with your new pair of Birkenstocks sandals every day for 40 to 50 minutes. And daily walking will help to soften the footbed.

Use Thick Socks

Another solution you can apply to break your Birkenstocks faster is soaking the sandals in water with the help of a rag. Then wear sandals with thick socks to walk comfortably.

Use Hammer

Since new Birkenstocks come with rigid and tough surfaces, it’ll be quite tough to walk with them. In that case, use a hammer and use it against both sides of your sandals

Bend the Sandals

Simply take the new Birkenstocks in your hand and then slowly bend them in the inward and outward direction. Repeating it a few times will help to make the sandals softer; however, remember to unbuckle all the straps for proper flexing.

These are some of the simplest methods to break your Birkenstocks sandals faster. Alongside all of them, you can use rubbing alcohol, try moleskin padding rolls, or even you can use a hairdryer.

How Long Can You Walk In Birkenstocks?

If you want to know if birkenstocks are good for walking long distances or not, the answer is YES. A pair of Birkenstock sandals are completely suitable for urban exploration, and they will give you adequate comfort to walk over long distances.

How Long Can You Walk In Birkenstocks

However, you need to remember that the Birkenstocks sandals are unsuitable for walking on uneven terrain. On the other hand, Birkenstocks are good enough to explore several places comfortably.

Whether you have flat feet or any feet issues, a pair of Birkenstocks sandals will always help you walk a long distance. And the more you walk with your sandals; the more comfortable your Birkenstock will become.

Are Birkenstocks Fitting Be Loose Or Tight?

How tight should my birkenstocks be? Well, you should never wear your Birkenstocks sandals tightly as it can make your feet condition worse. And try to tighten the sandal straps in a way that allows you to move freely and comfortably.

Are Birkenstocks Fitting Be Loose Or Tight

Wearing the Birkenstocks sandals helps to prevent malpositions, pressure points, and sore feet as well. Since the support will come from the sandal’s footbed, you should not tighten the straps tightly.

Most Birkenstocks sandals come with adjustable straps, so seal them according to your comfort level. Once you’re happy with the strap fitting, take a few steps to determine if the fittings are comfortable for you or not.

If everything seems alright, you can start walking with your pair of Birkenstocks effortlessly.

Do Birkenstocks Last Longer?

Since Birkenstocks offer a bunch of many benefits, it’s common to wonder about the lifespan of this footwear. Well, Birkenstocks offer a longer lifespan and a pair of Birkenstock shoes or sandals can last for years with proper care.

Do Birkenstocks Last Longer

Moreover, they become more comfortable the longer you wear them. However, how your pair of Birkenstocks will last will completely depend on the material and your usability. In short, Birkenstocks do last longer, and it is entirely worthy of buying or investing.


Birkenstocks sandals are not only perfect and suitable for flat feet patients, but they are also good for an average person. They are manufactured in a manner that ensures adequate arch support and also offer a comfortable footbed and sole system.

Birkenstock sandals footbed system evenly distributes the bodyweight across the whole feet, which helps to reduce the symptoms of flat feet. Make sure you break the sandals and adjust the straps properly to ensure supreme comfort.

Well, we really hope your confusion about are birkenstocks good for flat feet or not is clear. So today get a pair of Birkenstocks if you also have flat feet issues.

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