Are UGG Boots Waterproof? Get Your Waterproof UGGs In 3 Easy Steps!

While UGGs are widely popular for their sheepskin material, one common question most buyers ask, “Are UGG boots waterproof?

This is only natural given sheepskin doesn’t go well with water. So what happens when you wear UGG boots while it’s raining?

UGG boots are not waterproof and can’t stand up to prolonged exposure to water. The material that the company uses to make the boots is said to be water-resistant, but from personal experience, I can tell it is not waterproof. So, if you’re wearing your UGG boots in the rain, you should expect water to still get in.

However, if you want to wear your UGGs in wet weather, you can purchase waterproofing spray for suede or leather boots. This will help protect the material from getting damaged by moisture. It is a simple thing to do, and I will share the method with you below on this page.

Are UGG Boots Waterproof?

UGG boots are not completely waterproof because they are water-resistant. The outer shell of the UGG boot is made from leather, which means that it can absorb some water and still keep your feet dry.

We know that the inner sole of the UGG boot is made from sheepskin, which keeps your feet warm and insulated. However, it is also very absorbent and will soak up any moisture that gets inside your UGGs as you walk through puddles or slush.

Are UGG Boots Waterproof

Because they are not completely waterproof, you should not wear your UGGs if you’re going to be walking in a lot of deep snow or slush on a regular basis. If you do plan on wearing them in wet weather, make sure to use a waterproofing spray before wearing them outside.

Why Are UGG Boots Not Waterproof?

UGGs are generally made of sheepskin and suede. These materials are naturally water-resistant, which is why you can get away with wearing them in light rain or snow without getting your feet wet.

But if you’re going to be out in heavy rain or snow, you should treat these boots with care because they aren’t meant to be submerged in water.

Also, the UGG boots don’t have any special insulation or heat retention capabilities that would keep your feet warm while they are wet.

Therefore, if you are planning on spending a lot of time outdoors in wet conditions, then UGG is probably not the boot for you.

However, if you just want something to wear around town or at the beach, they should work fine as long as it’s not raining too hard.

How To Waterproof Ugg Boots?

If you are looking to protect your Uggs from the natural elements, you will need to waterproof them yourself. UGG does not even offer this service. So, if you want your boots to stand against the water of any kind, you should invest in some waterproof spray.

How To Waterproof Ugg Boots

There are several ways to do this.

You can purchase a waterproof spray or wax that will help keep your boots dry from Amazon or other stores. You can also add some extra protection by brushing on a coat of rubberized paint or using shoe polish after you’ve finished cleaning them.

However, I wouldn’t suggest you use some shoe polish on suede as it will end up damaging the look of the boot. So, the best option is to try using a spray, and the best I can recommend is Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Proof Waterproofing.

Waterproofing Uggs is a simple process that can be done in your home.

To waterproof your Ugg boots, you will need:

  1. A bowl of water
  2. A sponge or soft scrub brush
  3. A towel or rag
  4. Waterproof spray
  5. Newspaper

Simple methods to waterproof your UGG boots:

1. Clean The Boot

Start by cleaning the boot with warm water and soap or a special cleaner for Ugg boots. The reason for cleaning the boot is to get dirt and debris away from the surface so that you can have a perfect outcome after spraying the boot.

You do not need to immerse the boot into a bowl of water. All you need is to pick your sponge or scrub brush, dip it in the bowl where you have the water and soap, and apply it to the boot.

Focus more on those areas that have stains and revealing dirt. Just a soft movement to and fro is all you need. Also, do not add too much force, as you could end up damaging the surface of the UGG boot.

2. Leave It To Dry

The next step is for you to leave the boot and allow it to dry completely. You do not want to spray the UGG boot when it is wet.

The result will not be as effective as when it is dry. Therefore, just find the right location to air dry the boot before the next step.

3. Spray The Boot

This is the moment you have been waiting for. The method that works for me is so simple. Just place your newspaper on the plain floor surface and place your lightweight breathable work boots on it. The reason for this is because I do not like to get my hands stained by holding the boot.

Also, the paper will serve as a barrier to the floor surface and ensure you do not have to clean the floor after spraying your boot.

The next thing is to pick the spray and start with a little puff around the surface until you cover the whole surface.

You should then leave the shoe again to dry once. It is best you test the efficiency of the spray by pouring water on the boot. If it repels you, you have done a great job. If not, you might have to repeat the process of spraying the boots.

Care And Cleaning Tips For Ugg Boots

It is not surprising that your Ugg boots will last a lifetime if you do the needful. The need I mean here is the maintenance of the boots. I believe no one will invest in such a boot and end up leaving the investment to rot.

Care And Cleaning Tips For Ugg Boots

However, there are some ways we handle the boots that are not right and could end up damaging them. Therefore, I have here for you some important care tips you need to know regarding the proper maintenance of your UGG boots.

1. Use A Cobbler Or Professional Cleaning Service

To extend the life of your UGG boots, it is best to use a professional cleaning service or cobbler. You can’t be as good as cobblers when it comes to cleaning boots in the right way. If you get the service of a trained cobbler, you can tell the difference from their work.

Apart from saving you the stress and time of cleaning your boot, it also gives the feeling that your boots are in safe hands. However, you have to pay for the cleaning service, and I am sure you do not have to break the bank to do that.

2. Wear Socks With Ugg Boots

Wearing socks can help prevent blisters and irritation on your feet, especially if you have sensitive skin.

The most common cause of rubbing occurs when the skin comes into contact with the sheepskin fur. Wool and wool blends tend to be naturally very soft and therefore are more likely to irritate your skin.

Hence, it is a good idea to wear two pairs of socks when wearing UGG boots, especially in the initial period after purchase. Also, it helps to reduce the chance of odor buildup in the boots.

3. Don’t Scratch With Any Object

It is extremely important to make sure you don’t scratch Ugg Boots with any object. Any scuff marks, scratches, or scrapes on your boots can cause the shearling wool to wear down, exposing the leather.

Although UGG boots are designed to be durable, when you handle them inappropriately, scuffs and scratches are inevitable. Scratches happen when improper care products are used on them, especially if you use a knife or other sharp object for cleaning.

4. Use Stain Repellant

A good way to keep your Ugg boots in great condition is by preventing stains. To help reduce the occurrence of stains, we recommend using a stain repellant spray before wearing a new pair of Uggs.

Spray the product on the boots before you wear them, then wipe off any excess with a cloth or paper towel.

If you do not apply stain repellant, it means you are up and ready for cleaning after your daily routine. Cleaning every now and then has an effect on the boots as well, and using a repellant can help reduce the number of times you clean the boots.

5. Do Not Soak Ugg Boots In Water

There is different information online on soaking your UGG boots whenever you want to clean, and that is not true at all. You will be doing your UGG boots more harm than good by soaking them. The leather will absorb the water and become misshapen, and the wool will shrink, causing the boot not to fit properly.

Therefore, you should never soak your boots; rather, you should wipe the dirt away using a soft brush or towel.

6. Do Not Place Ugg Boots Under A Direct Heat Source

Don’t put UGG boots in front of radiators, heat vents, or any other source of heat.

Your bedroom is the best place to store your boots. You can’t go wrong if you keep your UGG boots away from all extremes of heat and cold, as well as sunlight and moisture.

UGG boots are crafted from sheepskin which is very delicate. The best way to care for your UGG boots is to allow them to air out at room temperature and never place them under a heat source like a radiator, stove, or heater.

7. Do Not Use A Chemical To Clean The Boots

Chemical cleaners can actually break down and wear out the UGGs. You should only clean them with warm water and soap and dry them completely by shaking off the excess water or by using a hair dryer.

To remove excess dirt, brush any visible stains with a suede brush or soft cloth and not with a sharp object.

8. Let The Ugg Boots Dry Before Storing

To ensure that UGG boots stay clean and protected, do not store them in damp locations or conditions.

If your boots need to be cleaned, use mild soap and warm water to carefully remove any dirt. Make sure to rinse them completely before they dry out completely.

Once you have rinsed the soap, you should air-dry the boots and allow them to dry out completely before storing them somewhere safe.


This page answers the question: are UGG boots waterproof. Most sellers mix things up and end up misleading buyers. Some claimed that UGG boots are waterproof, and it is not. The boots are really made of materials that have the propensity to repel water if you treat them to do so.

So, if you want to make your UGG boots waterproof, you will have to spray them with a resistant substance. There are many you will find in the market, but not all are effective. Therefore, I will advise that you carefully read reviews and comment on each of the products before you buy one.

Also, apart from finding a way to make your boots waterproof, I also shared with you ways you can care for your boots. Over time, I have realized that the way you handle or maintain your boots determines their longevity. Keep it in mind and just avoid water while wearing your UGG boots.

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