Best Work Boots for Asphalt Work in 2023 [Updated Review]

There are major safety concerns related to asphalt work for keeping your feet safe, right after the fumes. You could burn your feet if not taking proper actions before you get into the work. The best thing you can do to keep your feet from burning is get asphalt work boots. These boots can withstand high heat from the tar and pitch to keep you safe from burning.

However, when it comes to choosing the best boots for asphalt work, things might get complicated. There is no room for guesswork, and a wrong decision might cost you an injury. If you want our experts to do the research and make a decent choice on your behalf, we just did that!

Do You Need A Special Boot For Asphalt Work?

If you’re an asphalt worker and know how things work, you already know how dangerous a new pavement can be. The newly applied pitch can burn your feet while walking on the paved surface if you don’t wear good boots. Not just that, you also need heavy boots to stay safe from heavy objects in general. Furthermore, it helps to work more efficiently as you don’t have to worry about harming yourself, let alone the government compliance.

What Makes A Good Asphalt Work Boots?

Choosing boots for asphalt work isn’t the same as choosing for other jobs, even in construction. Here are the things that make the boots perfect for asphalt work, which you’ll look for while buying as well:

Good Outsoles:

The outsoles of boots for asphalt work have to be top of the line because that’s the most important part. It’s the outsole that withstands the heat from the tar and pitch of the asphalt and keeps the inside cool. Besides, it has to be resistant to slip, and should not have heavy marks that can deform the flat surface.

Toe Cap Material:

The toe cap material determines how safe a work boot is from the upper side. As the toe-cap is what keeps you safe from falling objects, you can get steel-toe caps for maximum safety. You can also go for equivalently strong toe caps like composite material that heats up less but provides enough strength.

Ease of Wearing:

Your boots for working on asphalt should be easy to wear and comfortable to be inside. When you’re spending hours in your boots, it’s a no-brainer to have these qualities. You’ll get easy to hook lace holes which will allow you to wear the boots comfortably. Plus, the gusset and shanks of the boots fit you without squeezing.

Heavy-Duty Build:

The boots will be made of full-grain leather alongside heavy nylon bottom soles for extra support. On top of that, the tongue and shank may have extra support alongside the steel, composite, or other heavy toes. Besides, as you’re walking on hot surfaces, the heavy outsole is necessary while keeping the markings minimal.

High-Density Foot Bed:

Good asphalt work boots come with high density foot beds to keep you safe from hazards and heat. It can be a dual-density footbed that usually is puncture proof and doesn’t heat up much. Not just that, good foot beds also help you stay comfortable at work all day long. They will have ergonomic cutouts to fit your feet in comfortably.

Comparison Chart:

Best Boots for Asphalt WorkIt’s Best forMaterialShaft sizeWeightDimension
Timberland PRO Industrial BootEditors ChoiceFull grain leather8” ankle size full shaft4.4 Pounds3 x 12.1 x 5.2 inches
Thorogood Wedge BootBest Moc Toe BootsFull grain leather6” shaft with large collar5.2 Pounds15 x 11 x 5 inches
COFRA Heat Defender Work BootsBest for heat resistanceFull grain leather & Polyurethane8” full size shaft1.76 Pounds81 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches
Timberland TiTAN Waterproof BootBest for Sweaty FeetFull grain leather & Polyurethane8” full size shaft2 Pounds12 x 9 x 6 inches
Oliver 55 Puncture-Resistant BootsBest for Puncture resistanceFull grain leather & Rubber sole6” shaft with collar cushion5.06 Pounds17 x 12.4 x 4.96 inches
Danner Men’s Construction BootsBest for Construction SitesFull grain leather with Nubuck option6” shaft with extended gusset1.81 Pounds8 x 4 x 12 inches
Carhartt Waterproof Industrial BootBest waterproof bootsFull grain leather & waterproof lining6” shaft with cushioned collars1.8 Pounds12.91 x 11.89 x 5.12 inches

7 Best Boots For Asphalt Work Reviews

Choosing the best boots for asphalt work isn’t as easy as other work boots, especially because of safety measures. However, our expert team has researched the market and found the right boots for your next boot shopping. Here are the 7 best boots that work perfectly with asphalt jobs:

1. Editors Choice: Timberland PRO Men’s Gridworks Industrial Boot

Timberland PRO Men’s Gridworks Industrial Boot

Timberland is one of the most prominent boot makers who make great asphalt work boots for hot surfaces. Here are the things that make this boot top our list as the editors’ choice:

Build Material

These Timberland Pro work boots come with an all leather upper sole design along with a heavy duty outsole. You’ll also get anti-fatigue geometrical technology that will protect you from all kinds of shocks and falls. It offers triple stitching on the linings to give it a firm build and a robust construction.

Sole protection

You’re going to get an ankle-high shaft from the arch for comfortable support while working on asphalt jobs. Besides, it offers a heavy outsole that is slip, oil and abrasion resistant with proper grip traction for asphalt jobs. Not to mention, the waterproof sides with heat resistant soles are good for asphalt job sites.

Ease of wearing

The Timberland shoes come with an opening measured at around 10.5 inches and a shaft of 8 inches. Their full-cover construction alongside alloy safety toe makes them the best boots for asphalt work with extra comfort. You’re also getting dual lace eyelet designs to wear them quickly and easily without issues.

Technical Details

  • Dimension: 3 x 12.1 x 5.2 inches, 4.4 Pounds
  • Material: Full grain leather
  • Shaft size: 8” ankle size full shaft
  • Outsoles: heat and impact resistant
  • Toe cap: Alloy toe cap
  • Protection: Anti-fatigue technology
  • Heat and impact resistant outsole
  • Full ankle coverage shaft design
  • Waterproof membrane lining
  • Alloy safety toe cap construction
  • Soft but heavy duty leather build
  • Needs a long break-in time

Why You Should Buy It?

This boot is for those who want a complete package of heavy duty work boots. If you need the best boots for asphalt worker with great support, go for these boots with 8 inches full shaft enclosure. They’re both waterproof on the body and heat resistant from the outsole. However, be ready to give them a good break-in period.

2. Best Moc Toe Boots: Thorogood American Heritage Wedge Boot

Thorogood American Heritage Wedge Boot

The American Heritage boots from Thorogood come with some impressive features that make it a good option for asphalt works. If you want the best Moc toe boots that will be comfortable to wear all day, it’s the one you need.

Build Material

These boots have a 100% leather construction on the upper sole with a soft and flexible lining. Besides, they have a 6″ fiberglass shank that will give you maximum support while working under intense pressure for hours. You’ll also get steel toe enclosure with these boots with the maximum protection against compression and fall hazards.

Sole protection

One of the most impressive features of these boots is their shock absorption foot bed that absorbs any impact. Plus, the slip-resistant wedge polyurethane outsole from MAXWear is going to support you on dangerous paving jobs. Not to mention, the electric shock-resisting soles are capable of protecting you from 18,000 volts of shock effortlessly.

Ease of wearing

With the tobacco oil-tanned and treated finish of these boots, you’ll need less break-in time and use them comfortably. Their Moc toe design won’t just give you better aesthetics, but also make it easier to wear all day. Moreover, the oversized collar and cushion insole will help you wear them for hours. And the easy to hook eyelets will help you wear them easier and faster.

Technical Details

  • Dimension: 15 x 11 x 5 inches; 5.2 Pounds
  • Material: Full grain leather
  • Shaft size: 6” shaft with large collar
  • Outsoles: Slip and impact resistant
  • Toe cap: Steel toe cap enclosure
  • Protection: electric shock resistance
  • Less break-in period required
  • Esthetic Moc toe design
  • Oversized collar and easy eyelets
  • Electric shock resistant outsole
  • Steel toe cap for best safety
  • No waterproofing

Why You Should Buy It?

If you need the most comfortable boots that have a quick break-in time, these are your go-to option. The Thorogood boots have a heavy duty outsole that can protect you from electric shocks, superior slip resistance for slippery surfaces, and asphalt pavement. Besides, you can wear them for hours without worries because they’re highly comfortable and breathable.

3. Best for heat resistance: COFRA Heat Defender Leather Work Boots

COFRA Heat Defender Leather Work Boots

Cofra has been a dependable work boot manufacturer for a lifetime, and these heat defender boots are their signature model. You’re getting the best heat resistance from this model and many features to help you do better asphalt jobs.

Build Material

These boots come with rubber sole construction from Polyurethane nitrile rubber outsole which gives you outstanding heat resistance. They stand still for 8 straight hours at 212° F temperature and 30 minutes at 302° F with extreme heat of 572° F for a minute. Not only that, you’ll get an insole of the same standards that will give you maximum protection from asphalt heat.

Sole protection

For the inner sole, these boots offer a Polyurethane thermic insole that is insulated to give you extra protection. Besides, you’re getting crush resistant composite toe caps on both the heat resistant shoes for work site safety. Plus, the puncture and electricity resistant sole plate beneath your feet will help you on dangerous electric job sites.

Ease of wearing

Working with these boots is super easy because you’re getting slip resistant traction on the outsole. And the sole is injection molded to the upper, which will never let the boot separate in the middle. You’re also getting subtle protection against different solvents and chemicals on the asphalts. Lastly, the flat outsole will keep the work even tidier, which is needed for asphalt jobs.

Technical Details

  • Dimension: 81 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches; 1.76 Pounds
  • Material: Full grain leather and Polyurethane
  • Shaft size: 8” full size shaft
  • Outsoles: heat, slip, and shock resistant
  • Toe cap: Composite Safety Toe cap
  • Protection: injection molded construction
  • Polyurethane insole for thermal protection
  • Safety outsole with shock and heat resistance
  • Injection molded outsole and upper portion
  • Provides protection from chemical and solvents
  • Puncture and crush resistance with comfy insole
  • The laces could be better for heat resistance

Why You Should Buy It?

These boots are simply the best work boots for walking on asphalt with high protection from the heat of asphalt. If you’re an asphalt worker and do the leveling part on the job site, these boots are for you. They will give you the most protection from heat and puncture, as well as electric shock resistance.

4. Best for Sweaty Feet: Timberland PRO TiTAN Waterproof Boot

Timberland PRO TiTAN Waterproof Boot

If you have sweaty feet but work on asphalt work sites for long hours, it’s the most uncomfortable situation. No worries, these boots from Timberland have the solution with X-Static moisture management technology from Dryz Intellitemp.

Build Material

These work boots from Timberland come with a 100% leather construction with an easy to wear shaft. The shaft measures 8 inches from the arch with a shank grip with PowerFit comfort system to wear them for long hours. Besides, their mid-cut waterproof leather design will keep water, solvents, and chemicals away while working on asphalt jobs.

Sole protection

You’re getting high-end rubber soles with these work boots that meet the ASTM standards for maximum dependability. The PU midsole with ultra lightweight cushioning is durable enough to give you a long-lasting outcome. Plus, its nylon diffusion shank alongside the rubber outsole gives you resistance to oil, electric shock, abrasion and slip.

Ease of wearing

When it comes to wearing the boots for hours, these boots’ contoured tongue alongside their padded collar will provide comfort. Your asphalt job won’t leave you strained anymore with the OrthoLite insole with quadruple stitching lining from the outside. The best part about these boots is their X-Static moisture management technology to keep them dry.

Technical Details

  • Dimension: 12 x 9 x 6 inches; 2 Pounds
  • Material: Full grain leather and Polyurethane
  • Shaft size: 8” full size shaft
  • Outsoles: Slip, shock, compression resistant
  • Toe cap: Hard safety Toe cap
  • Protection: Moisture management technology
  • Breathable design and great moisture management
  • Nylon diffusion shank alongside safety toe enclosure
  • Waterproof and abrasion resistant construction
  • 100% leather build with ASTM standard compliance
  • Designed, constructed and crafted in the USA
  • Need a longer break-in time

Why You Should Buy It?

The best thing about these heavy duty work boots is their construction and moisture management with Dryz Intellitemp X-Static technology. If you have sweaty feet, these shoes are ideal choices, let alone the slip, shock, and compression resistance capability. Get them if you want the best support on hot surfaces of asphalt without sweating like other boots.

5. Best for Puncture resistance: Oliver 55 Series Puncture-Resistant Boots

Oliver 55 Series Puncture-Resistant Boots

Puncture resistance is important if you need safety from sharp things from the ground. You need a heavy duty outsole that makes the ground safer for you to walk on. Here are the things you’re getting with the Oliver 55 series boots for extra puncture safety:

Build Material

The build material is what sets the Oliver boots apart, especially for puncture resistance. You’re getting a heavy duty upper sole made of full grain leather that is liquid and chemical resistant. You’re safe from acids, mineral oils, tar, alkalis, fats, and other things at work. Their robust build and extra support on both the front and back will keep your feet safe from sharp objects.

Sole protection

You’re getting a heavy-duty outsole that is resistant to abrasions, shock, and puncture with Qflex Zero puncture technology. They have a flexible XRD Metatarsal Guard that absorbs 90% of the impact from intense force and pressure. Moreover, the dual density sole has a heat resistance of up to 572 °F (300 °C). So, you’re safe on the hot asphalt surface with pitch on it.

Ease of wearing

First, these boots have steel toe caps protection to keep you safe from fall and compression hazards that meet ASTM safety standards. You’re also getting an electrical resistance, rated outsole that keeps you free from shocks. The high-density rubber midsole along with the robust rubber outsole will keep the ground safe for you. Plus, the 6” shaft with cushioned collar and almost flat outsole will help you do better asphalt jobs.

Technical Details

  • Dimension: 17 x 12.4 x 4.96 inches; 5.06 Pounds
  • Material: Full grain leather and Rubber sole
  • Shaft size: 6” shaft with collar cushion
  • Outsoles: Rubber sole (slip, shock, compression resistant)
  • Toe cap: Hard steel safety Toe cap
  • Protection: Heat, shock, electric protection (ASTM standards)
  • Puncture, heat, slip resistance with ASTM compliance
  • Liquid and chemical protected upper soles
  • Cushioned collar with large 6” shaft
  • Steel toe cap for compression and impact safety
  • Soft rubber midsole with electric safety
  • Requires a longer break-in period

Why You Should Buy It?

If you work on construction sites, work with oil, gas, or mining and do heavy metal work, these boots are perfect choices. With good heat protection alongside proper puncture and electric hazard protection, these boots can be your daily companion for asphalt jobs.

6. Best for Construction Sites: Danner Men’s Bull Run Construction Boots

Danner Men’s Bull Run Construction Boots

Working on construction sites needs the most reliable work boots that don’t make you uncomfortable after wearing them for hours. Let’s discover the true, reliable work boots that are going to give you the support you need to work on construction sites:

Build Material

The Danner construction boots have a 100% leather making that offers maximum support if you wear boots for long periods. You’re getting a full-grain leather upper material that is tanned with oil for longevity. Hence, you’ll also have the Nubuck leather option that is handcrafted and stitches for maximum stability without developing marks or wears.

Sole protection

These boots have wedge soles with a steel shank underneath to provide the best support while under intense pressure. The outsole of these boots offers superior traction along with oil and slip resistance. Not to mention, the electrical hazard protection of these shoes is ASTM rated. Plus, the 6 inches shaft has convenient lace eyelets to wear them effortlessly.

Ease of wearing

With a heel measurement of 1.25 inches, these boots are the best in their line in terms of comfort. You can walk, work, or put high pressure on them without any strain, thanks to their cushioned OrthoLite footbeds. Besides, the heavy-duty overall structure is super flexible to break in faster. Plus, the outsole bed is almost flat to help you work on asphalt paving.

Technical Details

  • Dimension: 8 x 4 x 12 inches; 1.81 Pounds
  • Material: Full grain leather with Nubuck option
  • Shaft size: 6” shaft with extended gusset
  • Outsoles: Wedge sole with steel shank
  • Toe cap: Hard safety toe cap
  • Protection: Electric shock protection (ASTM rated)
  • Withstands intense pressure and shock
  • Electric shock resistant construction
  • 25” heavy wedge heel with flexible outsole
  • Oil and slip resistance with excellent traction
  • Made in the USA with imported materials
  • No waterproofing feature

Why You Should Buy It?

These boots are for those who work under intense pressure for long hours and need the best work boots for asphalt paving. You’ll get OrthoLite comfortable cushioned insoles to support your feet for hours. However, since they’re not as good as waterproofing, they can be great for asphalt or dry construction jobs.

7. Best waterproof boots: Carhartt Men’s Energy Waterproof Industrial Boot

Carhartt Men’s Energy Waterproof Industrial Boot

If you’re in search of the best waterproof boots for asphalt works, here is your chance of getting the best one. Here is the simple break down of the features these boots are offering which are exceptionally useful for asphalt work:

Build Material

The Carhartt industrial boots offer a 100% leather construction with other imported materials to make it an easy wear. They’re waterproof, yet breathable with clever membrane design items. Besides, the boots have a Suede top cover that provides 30% better grip compared to other boots. Moreover, you can use these boots with less slip and fatigue from hours of standing.

Sole protection

You’re getting a heavy duty rubber sole with these boots that gives you maximum traction and comfort. Besides, they offer secondary protection when it comes to incidental hazards from electrical circuits. You’ll get protection from over 18,000 volts in dry conditions. This safety measure meets the ASTM standards. Moreover, the Composite toe defender keeps your feet safe from compression and impact.

Ease of wearing

For ease of wearing, these boots come with comfortable EVA midsoles and rubber heels for extra comfort. Their Ground Force technology will give you superior oil and chemical resistance, alongside abrasion, slip, and heat. The shaft is 6″ with ankle-high from the arch and Carhartt used 120,000 3D Foot scans for better fitting in these work shoes.

Technical Details

  • Dimension:
  • Material: Full grain leather and waterproof lining
  • Shaft size: 6” shaft with cushioned collars
  • Outsoles: Rubber defender outsole
  • Toe cap: Hard composite safety toe cap
  • Protection: Electric shock protection (ASTM rated)
  • Rebound compression comfort for prolonged use
  • Protection from outside moisture with better circulation
  • ASTM standard electric shock resistance for 18000 volts
  • Constructed with real life 3D Foot scans for a better fit
  • Storm defender breathable composite safety toe cap
  • Break-in period is longer than average

Why You Should Buy It?

These boots are perfect for those who work under intense pressure in any circumstances, whether it’s wet surfaces or dry ones. You’ll get a waterproof lining that keeps the moisture out as well as protecting from electric shocks. Plus, the composite safety toe with rubber outsole will provide superior traction and resistance to oil, grease, heat, etc.

How to Wear Work Boots With Jeans

Work boots and jeans are identical when it comes to work site safety wearables. They both have the reputation to protect the user from work hazards, and you can wear them together very well. Here is how you can wear them together, not only for better protection, but also for elegant aesthetics:

How to Wear Work Boots With Jeans

Choose the right jeans

First off, there’s no point making adjustments when you don’t have the right jeans to wear with the boots in the first place. So, have the right jeans that go with the boots as well as your personality, sense of fashion, and environment. Oftentimes, you’ll love fitting jeans for casual fashion, and loosely fitting ones for work where you get good breathability.

Tuck your jeans

The best way to wear your jeans with boots is to tuck them into the collars, especially if they’re 6-8 inches. This way, you can have a seamless look to the jeans and don’t have to fight to show-off the boots. It’s also a good option if you’re wearing boots in bad weather to keep the jeans clean. However, make sure the community or surroundings you’re in accepts the style.

Fold up to the boots collar

This is a great option if you’re wearing loose fitting jeans that often are saggy around the collars.. In that case, you can fold the ends of your  jeans up to the collars and level them on the ends. You can understand by pinching the jeans away from your calves by an inch if they’re really loose fitting or not. However, never roll them up and fold them above the collars, rather keep it right beneath the collar high.

Pull and hang the jeans

It may sound crazy, but I’m sure you’ve already seen somebody doing it, and maybe you even loved it. The idea is simple, you pull the jeans towards your calf, until the end is even to the gusset tongue of the boots. After that, tuck the end of your jeans between the gusset and the collar, leaving the back of your jeans plain outside. It’ll help you stand out with your personality if you’re just hanging out with friends.

Trimming your jeans

It might not be a good idea for everbody, but it is great for some. If you wear a pair of jeans and boots that match perfectly, you can consider trimming the jeans to the end. The jeans end will slightly overflow the boots collar and give you a great look. It can help you stand out without many highs and lows within the circle. Plus, it will eliminate the struggle for you in terms of maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have more questions about boots for asphalt works and that’s understandable. Therefore, we’re giving you the solutions to the most commonly asked queries here:

What are asphalt boots?

Asphalt boots are specialized work boots that can withstand high heat from the bottom and have heavy duty constructions. These boots typically have high-dense foot beds. Above this, asphalt boots contain heavy-duty outsoles that shield you against heat from the tar. As a result, they will give you the comfort you need by absorbing the heat coming out of asphalt and making the boot puncture proof. You need to wear them while doing asphalt paving jobs at your work site.

How Long Should Asphalt Work Boots Last?

Well, that depends on how good a pair of boots you’re getting in the first palace. A good asphalt boot lasts about 3 years of continuous use, which is worth the investment. However, you can lengthen the lifespan of a pair of asphalt work boots by choosing high-quality boots and taking care of them regularly.

Do Asphalt Pavers Really Need Special Asphalt Work Boots?

Yes, every asphalt worker must have a pair of heavy-duty work boots to keep themselves safe on the work site. Besides, you’re obliged to wear safety boots on construction sites according to the OSHA standards for the construction industry.

Why is heat resistance important for asphalt paving boots?

The pair of asphalt boots have to be heat resistant because you’re going to wear them while walking on hot surfaces. When you’re applying hot pitch or leveling them, the boots will keep the heat away from your feet. That’s why the boot manufacturers use high-dense foot beds and heavy-duty outsoles to absorb heats coming out of the tar to let you work on asphalt all-day long.

How to clean asphalt boots?

Those who do asphalt related works know asphalt is a petroleum-based stuff. So, you should use petroleum-based cleaning products like WD-40 to take the asphalt off from the asphalt boots. Just spray the WD-40 cleaner on the asphalt and start rubbing the spot with a microfiber cloth. Repeat this process until you can take off the chunk of asphalt completely. Once you remove the asphalt from your work boots, rinse and let them dry. You can also apply diesel to the asphalt boots to remove the sticking asphalt from the shoes.

Asphalt paving boots vs concrete boots

The main differences between Asphalt paving boots vs concrete boots are construction related. The Asphalt Paving boots incorporate heavy-duty outsoles that can resist heat, oil, slip, and the entire sole is a bit lifted from the ground. On the other hand, the concrete boots are specially designed to give enough cushion to your feet against the smooth surface like concrete. This type of boot incorporates soft and cushioning midsoles to deliver ultimate comfort by absorbing shocks & impacts.

How do you keep asphalt from sticking to your asphalt boots?

Asphalt boots are specially designed to prevent the asphalt from sticking to the soles of your work boots. So, you don’t need to worry about the asphalt to stick with the boots. However, you can spray diesel on the sole to maximize the efficiency of the boots to prevent asphalt from sticking.

Final Verdict

While wearing work boots is crucial to comply with the work site laws, it’s also necessary for your safety. We hope that the reviews above helped you get the right boots for whatever you do, especially asphalt jobs. However, if you want our editorial team to suggest you the best boots for asphalt work, we suggest the Timberland PRO Industrial Boots. They do very well in all conditions.

These boots have the best outsole design to work on asphalt work sites as well as any other construction sites. You’ll get good heat resistance alongside the safety from compression, impact, and discomfort of work. They also offer a design that is easy to put on for hours of work time at job sites.

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