Best Work Boots For Bad Knees

Do you have bad knees that are causing discomfort at work? Working with bad knees can lead to a serious issue unless you have the right pair of boots. Safety work boots are great when it comes to supporting your knees with injuries or strains.

However, getting the best work boots for bad knees isn’t as easy, as there are many considerations to make. Our expert team has done extensive research on the popular work boots that are great for injured knees and legs.

We’ve considered the most important factors from ergonomic build to strong build. Making a good decision for your next shopping trip can be a lot easier with our research. Let’s guide you through the anatomy of a pair of great boots that work for your knees!

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Can Wearing Boots Cause Knee Pain?

Wearing boots alone doesn’t cause knee pain; wearing the wrong pair of boots can surely get painful after a while. When you’re working hard, doing your jobs, and putting pressure on your knees, they’re likely to develop a strain.

If you’re wearing boots that are heavy, have less flex to them, and have less cushioning, they’ll hurt your knees. It might seem unlikely, but when your ankles aren’t comfortable, your knees aren’t either, and the same for your hips.

This is greatly applicable when you’re using boots with an injured knee or hip. If you want your knees to be in good shape, you can’t wear rigid boots with less traction to them. Walking on uneven surfaces, climbing steep hills, or working in loads may cause knee and foot pain unless you use good work boots for bad knees.

Do You Need Special Work Boots for Bad Knees?

When you’re working while putting immense pressure on your lower body, unmatched boots for the job can cause pain. Therefore, you must use boots that support you on both the ankles and the knees on top of bad knees.

Without a pair of boots with proper knee support, you can never expect to work without getting injured. Boots that support your knees will come with a moderately lightweight construction, supportive shaft, and flexible outsole.

Besides, you’ll get strong traction that gives you superior grip on uneven terrains with gravel around. That way, while walking or working on rough terrains, you won’t have to face a sudden injury to your knees.

What Makes The Best Work Boots For A Bad Knee?

Work boots in general don’t have specific requirements apart from being really strong. But when you’re shopping for boots that are appropriate for sore or injured knees, things get complicated. You have to consider some things into account while selecting them, as such:

Lightweight build:

The work boots that you’re getting for supporting bad knees must have an excellent build, for sure. But more importantly, they have to be lightweight so that your knees have less weight to lift. It’s crucial because when you have to lift heavy weights, there’s no chance you’re comfortable wearing them. With a lightweight build, improving with a sore knee becomes easy.

Shock absorption:

Shock absorbing midsole is a must-have consideration when it comes to selecting boots to support bad knees. Without a soft and comfortable midsole or inserts, you’ll be stepping on rigid inner surfaces that might cause pain to your knee joint. Plus, if you wear soft midsoles that absorb shocks, working on heavy terrain becomes easier. They also make your long working hours a breeze.

Outsole traction:

The outsole traction is what keeps you from falling while working or walking on unforgiving terrains or loose concrete. While staying sharp upright is a necessity with knee injuries, having good traction can help you do better with knee pain. Remember, one unwanted twist on your ankles or knees can lead you to a severe knee injury. One crucial injury could send you to a surgery bed.

Ergonomic support:

While wearing a pair of boots, your knees need utmost support from every angle of your feet. An ergonomic design with proper support on the boots can help you stay comfortable for hours standing. If you stand a lot at the work site, and do a ton of movement, an ergonomic build is crucial for your knees. The boots will have triple or quadruple stitching, leather lining, toe cap, and comfortable shaft.

Ease of wearing

Since you have painful knee muscles to deal with, your boots must have a design with extra comfort. Make sure the boots have comfortable lacing eyelets to put them on while snugging the feet comfortably. Besides, removable inserts are a great feature to have if you have special needs for arch support as well. The eyelets should go up to the end of the shaft, with an extended collar for extra support on ankles.

8 Best Work Boots For Bad Knees Reviews

Selecting the right pair of boots that are good for bad knees requires extensive research, and we did it for you. Here are the 8 best work boots for bad knees that have just the right construction and material to support your vulnerable knees:

Best Work Boots For Bad Knees

1. Editor’s choice: Wolverine DuraShock 6 Inch Work Boot

Wolverine DuraShock 6 Inch Work Boot

Wolverine has been a reliable boot manufacturer for a lifetime, and they did a great job making their Durashock boots. The name suggests the application. It’s highly shockproof construction and material choice made it #1 on our list. Here are what you’re getting:

Shock absorbing foot bed:

The most impressive part of this boot is its highly shock absorbing Durashock foot bed, especially great for bad knees. It will absorb the impact from the ground to the boot without hurting your legs and knees while working. Besides, you’ll get compression pads molded into the outsole of this boot to ultimately reduce even a little stutter in the work.

Ergonomic construction:

Its ergonomic construction has a major role in making it the best work boots for bad knees. You can keep your feet secure all the time as this boot offers a triple stitched 100% leather construction. Plus, there is supportive padding all around the boots from the toes to the gusset and beyond. Not to mention, the heavy duty 1.25″ platform won’t bend on uneven terrain to keep your knees upright.

Comfortable and easy to use:

With a rigid synthetic sole and full grain leather build, no wonder, this boot delivers an impressive result while wearing. The nylon shank will keep your arch in a comfortable position alongside the heel support. Furthermore, you’re getting a pull tab strap on the back to put the boot on without fighting it. If you have special inserts, no worries, this boot has a removable full cushioned foot bed that you can take out.

Impressive foot support:

Supporting your feet with a sore knee joint is where these boots outperform almost any other boots with dedicated heel support. Since you’re getting full coverage with lacing eyelets with cushioned collar and gusset, you’re never getting them cringed. Instead, you’ll wear them all day without even sweating inside because the mesh lining will give you proper airflow.

Key Details

  • Dimension: 2 x 13.1 x 5 inches; 1.89 Pounds
  • Construction: Full grain 100% leather
  • Foot bed: Removable full cushion foot bed
  • Outsoles: Durashock shock absorbing outsole
  • Protection: Moisture managing mesh linings
  • Shaft design: 6” shaft with lacing eyelets
  • DuraShock compression and shock absorption
  • Mesh lining for better moisture management
  • Heavy duty full leather upper sole construction
  • Removable foot bed for custom impact resistance
  • Nylon shaft to keep the arch comfortable
  • The toe box could be steel capped rather than leather

Final Thoughts

If you have injured knees and need the most comfortable boots that can support you for a long standing time, get this boot. You can stand on the durashock molded outsole without straining for hours, and the nylon shank won’t hurt your arch. Besides, the mesh lining will keep your feet cool while the removable bed gives you the opportunity to customize comfort.

2. Best for Shock Absorption: Thorogood American Heritage MAXwear Wedge Boot

Thorogood American Heritage MAXwear Wedge Boot

Working with injured knees or sore legs can be a daunting job when you have no proper ground support. The Thorogood wedge boots can be that ground support for you if you’re in the same state of health condition. Despite having a classic aesthetic look with tanned leather, these boots have a lot more to impress you, as such:

Shock absorbing foot bed:

These boots will offer ultimate comfort to your feet with the removable shock absorption capable foot bed. Besides, the Polyurethane MAXwear Wedge sole will give you maximum support while working on hard surfaces. You’re getting a Vibram rubber outsole which is highly slip resistant and stays steel in harsh conditions.

High quality build material:

First off, the oil tanned full grain leather construction of these boots won’t disappoint you at any stage of wearing them. These boots offer you classic USA craftsmanship with an ergonomic construction. You’re getting composite shank support from them to stand comfortably even on the most uneven surface.

Comfortable construction:

The Goodyear storm welt construction on the outsole alongside the Moc toe design of these boots are great for support. You’re surely getting your worthy companion at work that you can wear for hours  without any stains. Their oversized gusset with triple stitched lining will keep your sore feet upright on bumpy terrain.

Top quality foot cushioning:

You can wear these boots for long with their comfortable insoles combined with Poron insole cushion to hold your feet. They’re perfect for ironworkers, construction workers, boilermakers, electricians, and all other working environments needing safety measures. On top of that, putting them on and staying comfortable is even easier with hook eyelets all the way up.

Key Details

  • Dimension: True to fit, 6” shank
  • Construction: Full grain leather
  • Foot bed: removable shock absorbing foot bed
  • Outsoles: Polyurethane MAXwear Wedge sole
  • Protection: Poron insole cushion for extra support
  • Shaft design: 6” shaft with extended gusset and eyelets.
  • Heavy duty Polyurethane MAXwear Wedge sole
  • Poron insole cushion and Vibram rubber outsole
  • Removable foot insert with shock absorption feature
  • Goodyear storm welt construction with extra support
  • Oil tanned classic American heritage design and build
  • Might have a long break in period

Final Thoughts

These are the best men’s work boots for bad knees of ironworkers, construction workers, or electricians. If you want maximum support at work sites while having complete shock absorption, the shock absorbing foot bed of these boots will help.

3. Best for Electricians: Irish Setter Industrial & Construction Boots

Irish Setter Industrial & Construction Boots

The Irish Setter industrial boots are great in every aspect from spec lists to construction, alongside extensive foot support. Here are the most useful features of the Irish Setter work boots that make them exceptional:

Electric safety outsole:

The Irish Setter Men’s work boots are offering an electrical hazard proof safety outsole that keeps you safe from electric shocks. If you’re an electrician and need maximum support against shocks, these boots will help.  Since these boots meet the ASTM F2413-11 safety standards, you can rely on them in any kind of electric hazardous area.

Comfortable foot cushioning:

These boots don’t only support you from the outside, but also have high-end support from the inside to keep it comfortable. You’re getting a cushioned inner material with extra layers of soft material linings to keep it comfortable for you while working for hours. There is also thick cushioning on the long shaft to give you extra support while standing.

High quality construction:

You can work in uneven places without getting ankle twists because of the high quality cushioned construction of these boots. Irish Setter has included rubber EVA traction on the outsoles of these boots to keep you steady on any surface. Besides, the outsole is high heat-resistant against up to 475° Fahrenheit if you’re working on such work sites.

Impressive knee and foot support:

With heavy-duty full leather lining and triple stitching, these boots won’t let you down when it comes to foot support. You’ll get a Moc toe classic design to keep your feet comfortable for long working days on hazardous work sites. Worried about knee support? These boots have soft midsoles to keep your feet on their places firmly.

Key Details

  • Dimension: 14 x 10.7 x 4.9 inches; 1.56 Pounds
  • Construction: Full grain 100% leather
  • Foot bed: Shock absorbing rubber-EVA sole
  • Outsoles: high heat resistant rubber outsole
  • Protection: Electrical hazard resistance with ASTM safety standards.
  • Shaft design: 6” shaft with cushioned collar and eyelets.
  • Electrical hazard protection with USA safety standards
  • Heat resistance for hot working surfaces (like asphalt jobs).
  • Full grain leather construction with collar cushioning
  • High-end EVA rubber outsole with strong traction tread
  • High shaft with parallel lacing eyelets all the way up.
  • No steel safety toe cap material

Final Thoughts

These are especially the best men’s work boots for knee problem of professional electricians who work on industrial and construction work sites. With a rubber EVA outsole that offers both heat and electric hazard protection, meeting ASTM safety standards, you can surely rely on them.

4. Best waterproof boots: Dunham Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot

Dunham Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot

Do you work in such places where you have to deal with water and damp surfaces? Then these boots from Dunham will surely help you stay dry while working in such places. Here are the best features of these boots that put them aside from most of the other boots on the market:

Waterproof concealed design:

The Dunham boots are great for any weather conditions since they come with high-end waterproofing. You can work in damp areas wearing these boots in order to keep yourself dry and warm at any place. These boots are particularly great for plumbers and for those who work in areas where it’s damp on the ground.

Heavy duty outsole Traction:

Outsole traction plays a major role in keeping your feet and knees upright and away from fractures. These boots offer a heavy quality rubber outsole that will provide you superior traction on every stride. Besides, the 100% Leather upper sole will give you a comfortable working experience for hours of standing or walking.

Comfortable midsole design:

Dunham has included a comfortable inner construction in these boots to ensure a better working experience. There are removable memory foam foot beds inside these boots with molded EVA support. Hence, you can easily take the inserts out and replace them with a new orthotic pair of inserts if you need to.

Versatile outer construction:

You’re getting a wide boot opening of approximately 11.5″ which will help you put them on way easier than usual. Besides, the mid cut collar will make it even easier to insert your foot into the boots. This feature is exceptionally supportive if you have imbalanced feet or sore knees as well as injured hips.

Key Details

  • Dimension: 14 x 12 x 6 inches; 2 Pounds
  • Construction: Full grain leather build
  • Foot bed: Rubber-EVA removable insole
  • Outsoles: high traction rubber outsole
  • Protection: Waterproofing for damp places
  • Shaft design: 6” shaft with mid cut foot insert
  • Complete waterproofing for all weather conditions
  • Easy foot insertion capability with mid cut design
  • Seamless upper sole design with genuine leather
  • High end EVA outsole for extra traction support
  • No extra cushioning on the collar

Final Thoughts

Getting these boots can be a great option if you work on damp work sites and need versatile boots for extra support. They’re not only good for waterproofing, but also easier to put on. You’ll stay dry and moisture-free for hours, and stay upright with bad knees for hours at the same time.

5. Best slip resistant boots: Dr. Martens Ironbridge Heavy Boots

Dr. Martens Ironbridge Heavy Boots

If you work on steep work sites where the area is slippery, you can consider the Dr. Martens Ironbridge boots. They come with good traction to help you stand steel on rough terrain, even with sore knees or feet. Here are the most impressive features of these boots that made them the best slip resistant work boots:

Heavy slip resistant outsole:

The best part of these boots is their outsoles that are completely slip resistant. If you work on uneven surfaces that may cause cramps and unbalance your feet, these boots will keep you steady. Besides, the outsole also has flex to it to keep your feet from getting excessively fatigued. Apart from that, you’re getting electric shock proof outer sealing.

Supportive midsole design:

Just like the outsole, the midsoles of these boots also offer higher flexibility to fit your feet comfortably. You can stand on the synthetic sole for hours without developing fatigue and need no more extra inserts. Besides, the welded foot bed provides extra stability and a long service life. They won’t make your feet sore after a while of wearing.

Waterproof construction:

Despite having a 100% leather construction, these boots have complete waterproofing as well. The outer sole of these boots comes with a water resistant construction that keeps your feet dry and warm. Regardless of what weather you’re working in or in a damp area, these boots will keep you away from getting wet.

Top notch foot support:

The rich and tumbled leather uppers and the soft inner construction of these boots will provide the foot support you need. On top of that, the steel toe safety cap will keep you safe from fall hazards and other work site hazards. Additionally, the PVC air-cushioned upper sole will keep you safe from oil, petrol, alkali and other hazards while keeping your knees stable.

Key Details

  • Dimension: 12 x 4.5 x 7.5 inches; 5.05 Pounds
  • Construction: Leather build with PVC lining
  • Foot bed: Comfortable cushioned insole
  • Outsoles: high traction rubber outsole
  • Protection: Waterproofing for damp places
  • Shaft design: 6” shaft with mid cut foot insert
  • Waterproof construction to keep moisture and damp out
  • Electric shocks resistant outsole with ASTM safety standards
  • Fully cushioned shaft and collar for extra foot support
  • Highly supportive outer sole with strong traction tread
  • Air cushioned inner midsole for extra support at standing
  • Can take a while to break in.

Final Thoughts

The Dr. Martens boots are great if you work in steep hills or workplaces where there is loose terrain. You’re getting high strength outsole traction to get a strong grip on the ground. Plus, the air cushioned inner sole and soft shaft collar design, you’re never getting fatigued or stains on bad knees.

6. Best for injured ankles: Wolverine 8 Inch Durashock Work Boot

Wolverine 8 Inch Durashock Work Boot

Injured ankles cannot help you stand still for long unless they get great support from the boots. The Wolverine Men’s 8” Durashock Work Boots are the best men’s work boots for knee pain for the ultimate support you want. Here are the features of these boots that can give you the support you need:

High shank strong support:

These Durashock boots come with an 8 inches high shank design to help you get great support on your feet. You can wear them up above your heels and give your ankles maximum support to work for long. You’ll also get an extended gusset as well as a shaft with lacing eyelets all the way up to the end. They’ll snug your feet properly, helping them stand still.

Shockproof and comfortable:

You’re getting the iconic Durashock outsole that is prominent for its shock absorbing capability. Since you have a knee issue, and you need the best support for your lower body, this shock absorption sole will help. You can easily escape the hard surface without hitting your feet hard and stand still. Not to mention, the outsole will also provide a higher level of traction.

Ergonomic and easy to use:

The direct attached insole and the 100% original leather upper construction won’t put a strain on your feet. While you’re wearing them, you’ll also get better support from the nylon shank that supports your arches. As your arches are in complete support, your knee pain won’t have a reason not to go away.

Impressive foot support:

There are 200 grams of thinsulate insulation in these boots, and that’ll support your feet while working under pressure. Besides, the safety toe cap will keep your feet safe from fall hazards and other dangers. For the back of your feet, you’re getting unmatched cushion support on the collars. Plus, the comfortable, snugging lacing with eyelets will keep you upright while working.

Key Details

  • Dimension: 4 x 13 x 5.1 inches; 1.89 Pounds
  • Construction: 100% leather build with nylon shank
  • Foot bed: Comfortable cushioned insole
  • Outsoles: slip and oil resistant outsole
  • Protection: Snugly upper and insole for injured feet
  • Shaft design: 8” shaft with lacing eyelets all the way up
  • High traction oil and slip resistant outsole
  • Comfortable cushioned inner midsole design
  • Long shaft with proper ankle and heel support
  • Full leather upper construction with nylon shank
  • Thinsulate sideways insulation for extra support
  • Putting them on can be a little hard for injured feet

Final Thoughts

These boots are the best if you’re looking for a pair that can keep you uninterrupted and comfortable for hours. You can wear them for a long walk, or stand, they’ll keep your feet in good shape. With their thinsulate insulation, you can rely on them for good support while you’re working under heavy pressure.

7. Most lightweight boots: PUMA Safety Atomic Brown

PUMA Safety Atomic Brown

Puma is one of the most reliable boots manufacturers, and they did a great job on the Atomic Brown boots. If you have injured or sore feet and need the most lightweight yet highly strong comfortable work boots, here they are. Here are the features that made these steel toe boots highly favorable for bad knees:

Lightweight construction:

The Puma work boots come with a lightweight construction of only 1.56 lbs that will give you high maneuverability at work. While lifting high weights can be dangerous with injured feet or knees, these safety boots won’t put much pressure on your feet. Plus, since they’re not heavy, you can wear them for hours without getting your feet strained or fatigued so early.

Waterproof outer build:

Apart from being lightweight, these boots also come with full waterproof membrane construction. You’ll get a water repellant design on the upper build as well as a layer of waterproof lining inside the boots. On the other hand, the boots don’t fall short when you’re considering breathability. You’re getting mesh breathable materials on both sides to ensure high airflow.

Removable Sock liner:

You’re also getting removable evercomfort sock liners with these boots, which will ensure that the feet are comfortable all the time. These liners will also work with the socks you’re wearing to keep your sore feet comfortable for hours without strains. Regardless of whether you’re working with bad knees or sore ankles, they’re going to support you all along.

Highly supportive shaft and collar:

For extra support to your entire feet, these boots offer a rubber sole to give you extra grip on the ground. Besides, the approximately 6.75″ shaft  will support your ankles from the arch without any extra pressure. On top of the oil treated leather build, the steel toe cap will keep you away from danger. And the PU outsole tread will help you stand still for the job.

Key Details

  • Dimension: 25 x 11.26 x 5.43 inches; 1.56 Pounds
  • Construction: 100% leather with evercomfort sock liners
  • Foot bed: Comfortable cushioned insole
  • Outsoles: slip resistant outsole strong traction
  • Protection: Water resistant membrane design
  • Shaft design: 75″ shaft with full lacing eyelets
  • Highly comfortable sock liners for extra support with socks
  • Good amount of cushioning on both sides and foot bed
  • Fully cushioned mid-high shaft collar for comfortable fitting
  • Easy to put on design with fully covered lacing eyelets
  • 100% leather construction with lightweight PU design
  • It has a break in time longer than usual

Final Thoughts

These boots are for those who need the most comfortable boots within a reasonable budget. You’re getting the lightest weight on shoes that don’t really need much force to carry around. Besides, the evercomfort sock liners of these boots will surely keep you comfortable with bad knees or injured feet.

8. Best durable work boots: KEEN Utility Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

KEEN Utility Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

Keen utility makes the most durable work boot on the market, and these boots are no exception. Well, they’re not only highly durable, but also have top notch supportive construction inside for bad knees. Let’s see how these boots can give you the ultimate comfort even after wearing them for hours:

Durable and strong construction:

These boots have a 100% Nubuck leather construction, designed and crafted in the USA with imported materials. You’re getting rubber soles on them to give you full strength traction while working on uneven terrain and steep hills. Besides, there are steel toes on them which are asymmetrical to both left and right for top-notch security against hazards.

High end mid foot support:

Apart from the Nubuck waterproof design, these boots have impressively high quality mid foot support for bad knees. The dual density EVA midsole inner has a compression molded build for extra stability at high pressure work. Besides, the shank has a supportive tech inside called Torsional Stability for extra mid-foot support. Not to mention, the removable metatomical foot bed will keep it extra comfy.

Comfy ankle and heel design:

You’re getting extra comfortable heel and ankle support with these durable boots, even with their shorter shaft size of 3 inches. The shaft supports you from the arch up to your ankles, with a boot opening of approximately 12 inches. This wide opening will work for an easy wearing experience altogether, not to mention, the easy lacing eyelets.

Waterproof and odor protection:

Waterproofing is a good thing to have in work boots, especially when you’re not okay with moisture. If you’re a plumber, work in damp places, need extra knee support, these boots offer waterproofing and contoured heel lock. Apart from the oil and slip resistant outsole, the odor protection will help you with CleanSport NXT technology.

Key Details

  • Dimension: 5 x 10.2 x 5.1 inches; 1.44 Pounds
  • Construction: Nubuck leather upper build
  • Foot bed: Removable dual density molded EVA midsole.
  • Outsoles: oil and slip resistant, non-marking outsole
  • Protection: Water resistant with Torsional Stability Shank (TSS)
  • Shaft design: 3″ shaft with extended cushioned gusset
  • Highly supportive torsional stability for foot bed
  • Good amount of cushioning on the countered sides
  • Protection from odor with CleanSport NXT technology
  • Greater stability with dual density compression molded bed
  • Water, oil, and slip resistance, removable midsole.
  • Not a good option for those who need high shank

Final Thought

If you want the right inner foot support with all the modern features, get these boots. They have water, slip, and oil resistant construction that meets the ASTM safety standards, ensuring maximum support. You’ll get an exceptionally longer life span for both outdoor activities and work sites.

What are the Benefits of The Best Work Boots for Bad Knee

Getting a pair of work boots with the features we’ve considered have way more benefits than only supporting bad knees. Here are the most important beneficial sides of getting the right boots that have the right specifications:

What are the Benefits of The Best Work Boots for Bad Knee

Slip and Fall Resistant Traction

The first benefit of getting work boots that are good for bad knees is the traction they come with. Since you need to stay upright, even with injured flat feet, these boots will keep your ankle and knees strong. That will help you avoid any twist, slip, even unwanted falls on slippery ground.

Warmth in Cold Extreme Weather

Another good thing about work boots for bad knees is their extra warmth in colder weather. As you’re getting boots for bad knees, they will have decent cushioning inside to keep your feet cozy. That coziness also translates into a warm place to keep your feet in and stay comfortable.

No Fatigue on the Ankle and Knees

This is rather given with boots that work for bad knees since you must stay away from foot fatigue. You won’t have fatigue, neither on your ankles, nor your knees with these boots. They come with a good quality foot bed and extra supportive inner lining alongside comfy shaft collars.

Electrical Hazards and Water Resistance

These safety measures are necessary at work places, especially for electricians or plumbers. If you work where water gets into the job, your boots for bad knees are also likely going to provide water resistance. Plus, the electric hazard resistant outsole will keep you safe as well.

Easier to Wear With Comfortable Shaft

When you’re getting boots for bad knees and ankles, the boots will have a comfortable shaft and opening for sure. They will help you put the boots on pretty comfortably with a wide opening. Besides, the lacing eyelets will help you keep them on with a firm fit to the feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you facing difficulties understanding how these boots can help, or how they work? Here are some FAQs to answer some regular queries on boots for bad knees:

What Are the Best Work Boots for Bad Knees?

The best work boots for bad knees need to be lightweight and have excellent shock absorption and slip-resistant outsoles. Besides, you need something that will definitely help you maintain natural movements while you walk. Since knee problems relate to muscles as well, comfortable cushioning is also necessary.

In that regard, Wolverine DuraShock 6 Inch Work Boots are the best boots for bad knees. You can also go for the 8-inches version if you need a higher shaft enclosure.

Can Work Boots Make Your Knees Hurt?

Since work boots are rigid and strong, they can hurt your feet and knees in general. However, if you’re getting work boots for bad knees that have high-end support, they’ll comfort you instead of hurting.

It’s no wonder that legs and knees will strain after a long day of work. But things get worse if you’re wearing a pair of boots that are heavy and stiff. You also need to avoid boots that don’t offer decent ankle support. A sturdy build is indeed necessary for workspace safety, but you have to make sure the boots are flexible enough to wear for prolonged hours.

What Are the Best Work Boots for Being on Your Feet All Day?

Staying on your feet all day long is not an easy task. But, a pair of work boots with comfortable cushioning, arch and ankle support can make the job worthwhile. Waterproof materials and lugged outsoles may also prove useful in specific situations. But comfortable shoes are the utmost priority for being on your feet all day.

The Dunham Cloud Mid-Cut Boots are the best for standing all day with bad knees. These boots offer memory foam footbeds that keep your feet in a comfy, easy position all the time.

What Shoes with Removable Insoles are best for Bad Knees?

The footbed consists of dual-density PU materials with extra padding under the heel and ball of the foot. So, your foot stays safe from shock as the thick layer absorbs most of the impact. Besides, the removable PU insoles can also wick moisture to add to your comfort.

Thorogood American Heritage MAXwear Wedge Boots are the best option if you need shoes with removable insoles. They have a comfortable footbed that gives your feet a comfy work time.

Are Irish Setter Boots Comfortable?

Irish Setter Industrial Boots are the best of this line, especially when it comes to special boots with special features. Take the boots we’ve picked from Irish Setter for example. Apart from their high-quality construction outside, the boots offer cushioned inner pads with extra soft paddings as well. Besides, the shaft has thick cushioning too. In addition, Irish Setter makes sure you get the best knee and foot support along with a comfortable snug fit.

Final Words

Using a pair of boots that have the right specifications can be the best thing you can do for your bad knees. The boots we’ve picked in this article have the right specs for specific jobs, protections, and support. Our editorial panel has selected the Wolverine DuraShock Work Boots as the overall best work boots for bad knees.

These boots offer a full-grain leather construction with a 6” comfy shaft. You can replace the removable cushioned footbed or use them for heavy workloads, even with injured feet. And the Durashock shock-absorbing outsole will absorb shock from rough ground. The moisture-managing mesh linings will keep your feet cool and comfortable for hours of work time.

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