Can High Arches Cause Foot Pain?

Caves foot is one of the common foot issues among people. “8 to 15 people out of every 100 have cavus food”, recent research says. If your foot arches are higher than normal, it’s known as cavus foot or high arches. “Can high arches cause foot pain?

Yes, you’ve to suffer from pain due to high arches. Along with pain, it causes instability and imbalance too. 

Thankfully, there are ways to recover from the suffering caused by high-arched foot aka cavus foot. Continue reading and find relevant information to get rid of the suffering.

Can High Arches Cause Foot Pain?

Generally, the human foot health is designed to carry the entire upper body weight. It should be balanced accordingly. The arch, ball, and heel are required to distribute the weight proportionately.

When your feet have high arches, only the ball and heel will carry the weight during walking or running. Imbalance or instability will drive more pain in this process. Also, high arches change your style of walking and jogging unless you take the right measure.

Fortunately, most of the pain caused by high arches is curable. Over the years, high arches have been hampering people in their day-to-day activities. If you’re still unaware of high arches, the next portion of the article will help you out.

How Do I Know If I Have High Arches?

Doctors suggested different techniques to detect high arches. We are going to direct you to diagnose with only two of them. The first one is to detect old shoe insoles and the second is imprinting on paper. Both are effective to diagnose cavus feet.

Diagnosis of the high arch using old shoe insoles

If your flat feet hurt during jogging and walking, it may be because of the high arches. This inspection is quite easy. Bring out insoles from an old pair of regular shoes. What do you see?

Diagnosis of the high arch using old shoe insoles

A footmark on the insole showing only the heel and front portion is a confirmation about high arches. You need to take proper care as soon as you identify the abnormality.

Diagnosis by imprinting on a paper

This is the most useful diagnosis process. You can do it by using colored water or normal water.

Take a piece of paper or doormat. Now, dip your both arched feet inside water or colored water. Stand on the paper or doormat. If you see the majority of the parts imprinted on the paper or doormat, you have normal arches.

In case you find only the front balls and heels on the paper and no sign of the middle foot arch portion, you have high arches. You must seek treatment or cure as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

What Kind of Problems Are Caused by High Arches?

High arches are abnormal feet among people. As it’s abnormal, it must have an association with problems. A person with high arches may suffer from the following issues.

What Kind of Problems Are Caused by High Arches

  • Posture: A high arches patient loses the benefit of having a comfortable sitting or standing posture. There remains an issue because of the instability and imbalance.
  • The pressure on the heel and balls in your feet affects the standing foot position. Also, you cannot walk properly because of the pain. A major consequence of high arches is structural complexion in the body.
  • Pain: Suffering from pain is a common problem among people with high arches. The pain does not only exist in the feet but also in leg joints. Soon, it turns into a further complex situation such as arthritis and compartment syndrome.
  • Toes: High arches put excessive pressure on toes and heels. As a result, hammertoes and claw toes are found among patients. Painful rubbing and blisters also take place for patients with high arches.
  • Shoes: The most irritating part of having cavus feet is feeling left out while wearing shoes. Not all shoes with heels are compatible with high arches. It hampers your psychological wellbeing too.
  • Metatarsalgia: The damage to bones, weak muscles, and joints is called Metatarsalgia. A lot of patients are suffering from high arches are leading towards this issue for not taking timely measures.
  • If the metatarsal is damaged or suffered, it becomes difficult to walk let alone running. This is one of the major complications that led to having high arches.

Home Treatment for High Arches

High arches are commonly treated at home by changing some daily activities and including some habits. In severe cases, for sure, there requires surgical procedure or medication. If you detected high arches early, follow the below measures at home.

  • Boots: Change your footwear to the right work boots that support your high arches. These boots are designed to distribute the body weight to every part of the feet. You’ll never have to worry anymore about standing for a long time at work.
  • Custom Orthotic Devices: If you’re looking for a quick solution, custom orthotics or counter orthotics is available for cavus feet. Try wearing them to get rid of the pain early. This treatment works to correct the posture and body balance too.
  • Footpads: There are pads to wear for high arches patients. If the above options are unavailable try silicone or foam footpads. These will relieve you from the pain in a few days.
  • Icing: To heal the pain and get a good pair of feet, icing is highly recommended. It’ll reduce the pain and inflammation. If the detection was not early enough, the high arches can cause inflammation or blistering.

Icing will relive from such sufferings.

  • Pain medication: Consult a doctor to get mild treatment for pain caused by your cavus foot. These are medications to treat the pain only. So, follow the prescription accordingly.


Do not worry if you have a cavus or arch foot. It’s rare, but not uncommon. Proper measures will heal the pain eventually. As we started with the question “Can high arches cause foot pain?” We’ve discussed all the relevant issues.

High arches should be treated carefully at home and follow the right processes with footwear and other issues. You can get a good posture and walking ability again in this way. Good day to you!

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