Do Ugg Boots Have Any Arch Support? [Know this]

Ugg boots are widely famous for their style, comfortability, and warmth. But there’s one more significant feature to consider. Do Ugg boots have any arch support?

Before answering this question, it would be better to learn about arch supports, signs that refer to their necessity, and their pros and cons. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

What is Arch Support?

Arch support is a corrective shoe insert to provide the arch with support for proper functioning and relief from foot pain. It, in particular, supports the natural arch of the feet. A study on 67 older adults shows improved scores on the Berg Balance scale and functional mobility test after using arch supports for six weeks.

What is Arch Support

In general, arch support in shoes you can find in many variations. Among them, custom orthotic insoles are popular alongside basic pad insoles. Also, there are different types of shoes like supportive shoes, and cushioned shoes are available which are designed to provide good arch support.

Besides, the arch supports also come with various materials like polypropylene, thermoplastics, leather, composite carbon fibers, polyethylene foams, and many more.

Do Ugg Boots Have Any Arch Support

No, they don’t. Though Ugg boots and slippers boots feature style, comfort, and convenient warmth, they lack the proper arch support for the feet.

Ugg Boots Have Any Arch Support

Dr. Rock Positano of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City says that UGG boots “It may feel cushiony; it may feel comfortable, but it doesn’t mean they are getting the necessary arch support that a foot needs to function effectively.”

Also, Dr. Krista Archer, a podiatrist and foot and ankle surgeon in Manhattan, says, “UGGs have little to no arch support.”

In particular, arch support is necessary to absorb shock and keep the alignment of the feet. And lack of arch support means the feet have to overwork. That includes the muscles, tendons, ligaments, ankle, and bones of the feet.

For normal arches, Ugg boots don’t feel that bad for initial uses. But over time, people feel misalignment and stress on the feet. Later, that leads to potential issues with the feet.

In cases of cavus feet (high arches), it is better to use high arches boots. Ugg boots lack arch support for the high arches. Without proper support, the arches become stiff and tight.

Thus people feel fatigued in the feet. That leads to arch pain that develops severe foot pain down the road.

Last but not least, the pes planus or flat feet users. While standing, the entire sole of the flat feet touches the ground. So, arch support for flat feet is a crucial need.

Prolonged use of Ugg boots causes overpronation for the flat feet. And it leads to plantar fasciitis, tendon dysfunction, and shin splints.

How Do You Know If You Need Arch Support

From your lifestyle to arch type, many common things can affect your feet. So, here are some key indicators to know if you need any arch support.

How Do You Know If You Need Arch Support


Those who walk or stand for more than 5 hours on a regular basis tend to overwork their arches. That also affects the entire feet. As mentioned earlier, overworking your feet can cause serious foot issues. Arch support will reduce the stress when you press your arches on them for a longer period.

Flat Feet & High Arches

In general, regular shoes lack the arch support for these arch types. Arches provide the support that balances your body.
And there are little to no arches in the flat feet. So, without proper arch support, the feet will overpronate.
Balance becomes an issue for high arches as well. Without arch support, there can be too much pressure on the toes and the front part of the feet.

Frequent Foot Sores or Swellings

Blowing it off or spraying pain relief will only be temporary for frequent foot pain if your foot has any serious issues. It can be a sign that your feet are overworking and lacking the necessary arch support.

Uneven Wear Signs On Shoes

Shoes with uneven wear on the outside or the inside mean your feet lack arch support. It happens when your foot is rolling inward (pronation). It can also occur if your foot turns downward and your sole faces upward (supination).

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Arch Support

Arch supports are essential for many reasons, and sometimes crucial needs too. However, arch supports have different influences on the feet depending on various impact factors like materials, sizing, footbed type, placement, and user habits.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Arch Support


  • Arch supports are designed to give the perfect structure that fits your arches. Thus, they can evenly distribute the pressure on your feet.
  • As regular shoes lack arch support, your feet feel exhausted in them over time. Even prolonged use of shoes without proper support feels uncomfortable. Therefore, arch support will give your shoes a good foundation that feels much more comfortable.
  • For foot pain and chronic foot condition, the feet need a supportive structure. Arch supports provide fitness and suitable structure for the feet.
  • Misalignment causes issues like pronating and supinating. And these issues are also common for flat feet and high arches. Regarding this, arch supports help the arches to maintain the alignment of your body.
  • Arch supports help to maintain the natural arches of your feet. Thus, you don’t need to stress your feet to keep the balance. That ensures your natural foot motion and mobility.
  • Stress on the Achilles tendon can lead to ankle inversion or eversion. Arch support reduces the stress and also maintains the posture of your feet.
  • Also, arch supports are there to provide natural arches for flat feet and high arches. Thus, they result in better shock absorption and less strain on your feet.


  • Wrong arch supports include impact factors mentioned above. They will lessen the efficiency of support for your feet.
  • Too much arch support will create pressure on the toes and the front part of the feet.
  • Customized arch supports can be expensive.

The stylish Ugg boots are great for comforting and warming your feet. But they lack a significant feature – the arch support. And arches do substantive activities in terms of shock absorption, mobility, flexible gait, and balance. Therefore, it’s a vital step to secure the arches from potential issues.

Though arch support is not a medicine that will cure one, it is an effective solution overall.

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