Do Uggs Run Big? Here’s All You Need To Know About UGG Boots!

UGG boots are one of the most popular boots out there, but do Uggs run big?

The most common mistake made when purchasing UGG boots is not getting the correct size. Undoubtedly, Uggs are really comfortable and stylish, but some people may not want to wear them because they feel it’s too big for their feet.

For those with narrow feet, the Uggs run big, but for those with wider feet, the boots run true to size. If you are looking at Uggs, you want to make sure that you pay attention to their sizing chart. 

Buying the wrong size for yourself can create some discomfort and pain when wearing them. So, the next time you’re gonna buy UGG boots, remember to get the right size to ensure a good fit. 

If you are looking for some Ugg boot helpful information on choosing the right size, you’re in the right place. We’ll pretty much cover all about UGG boots and how you can get the best out of a pair.

What Are UGGs Boots Made Of?

UGGs boots are made of genuine sheepskin and come in a variety of styles. The boots feature a soft wool fleece lining, and the soles contain two layers of foam to keep your feet cozy and warm.

What Are UGGs Boots Made Of

These famous Australian sheepskin boots were designed to keep feet warm during Australia’s chilly winters. UGGs are designed to be worn barefoot or with light socks inside the boots. This makes them a decent work boots for a bad knee.

Let’s take a look at the build-up and how important it is to your comfort:

Wool fleece lining

The fleece itself has many air pockets and fibers that are ideal for keeping feet warm and dry. They have a plush interior that prevents moisture from getting into the boot and down into your socks.

Because of all these natural properties, UGG boots can be worn in all types of weather without causing discomfort.

Tanned outside surface

The outer material of UGGs is tanned sheepskin, which is soft and supple. The process of tanning takes four to six weeks to complete in the tanning factory, where the hides are immersed in tanning preservatives.

The tanning process takes place in the outer layer of skin, and this is what gives UGG its durable, smooth, and comfortable exterior. The tanned leather is then very carefully processed with high-quality materials to ensure that the boots are warm and comfortable.

Synthetic sole

The synthetic sole is one of the unique features of UGGs footwear. It makes the boots very lightweight, flexible, and long-lasting. It also helps in making them non-slip.

High-quality UGG boots are made with a synthetic sole of high quality, giving you a better grip at all times. The soles will not be affected by snow or ice conditions, but they can be affected by high heat.

Do Uggs Run Big?

Whether Uggs run big or small is a question that most people ask before buying a pair. The answer is a bit of both- yes and no.

Yes, Ugg boots do run big, but depending on what style you buy, some may be smaller than others.

Do Uggs Run Big

Ugg boots are known for their comfort, but they do run a bit big, especially for those with narrow feet. If you are unsure about whether or not to get a particular pair of Uggs, check the size chart here.

If you fall in between two sizes, we recommend ordering the smaller size. The reason for this is that the shoes are designed with a sheepskin lining, which means they will stretch out a bit as you wear them.

Also, if you are getting them from a local store, you can try them on in person to know if they run big or not. This way, you can get to purchase the right size that perfectly fits you.

How Do uggs Fit? Snug, Loose, or Perfect?

The most important thing to remember when buying uggs is that you need to get the right size for your feet. If your Uggs don’t fit properly, you could end up with blisters or sore spots on your feet that will make wearing them painful.

How Do uggs Fit

The first step to making Ugg fit is to measure your foot size using a ruler or measuring tape. Measure your foot length from the heel to the tip of your toe. Remember to measure both feet for the perfect boot size.

How To Get The Perfect UGG Boots Fitting?

In order to get the best fit-out of your UGG boots, there are a few steps you should follow when trying them on.

  • You need to make sure that you are wearing socks that will allow your feet to slide easily into the boots.
  • Step into the boots with one foot and pull them up around your ankle. If you have a higher arch in your foot, it’s best to bend over slightly while pulling each boot on.
  • Once they’re on, lace them up as tightly as possible without causing discomfort or pinching at the top or side of your foot.
  • Once you’ve laced up the boots, stand up straight and walk around to know how they feel. If they feel comfortable, good luck. If not, try tightening or loosening them until they do.

Then walk around for a few minutes to see what feels most natural for you. If there’s any rubbing or pinching anywhere on your feet or calves, then you can tighten the laces again.

If you have one that does not come with a lacing design, you can always stuff it with wool or by wearing thick socks to make it fit and comfy.

How Do I Know My Size In Uggs?

Uggs are one of the most popular boots on the market, and they come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Knowing your size is an important part of buying Uggs, as the wrong size can make them uncomfortable or even painful to wear.

There are two main ways to determine your size: by measuring your feet or using charts provided by Uggs.

1. Measuring your feet

To measure your feet, you should start from the tip of your longest toe to the heel with a tape measure.

You can also use a ruler if you don’t have a tape measure handy. Use this measurement when choosing your size on Ugg’s website or in stores that carry their products so that you get comfortable boots that fit properly.

For easy measurement, follow this step:

  1. Pick a paper and a pen.
  2. Draw a line on the paper and ensure it is longer.
  3. Place your feet on the paper.
  4. Mark from the tip of your longest toe and the same at the back of your heel.
  5. Measure the distance using a ruler or tape measure.

Note: the image below explains the step better.

Measuring your feet

2. Chart Measurement

If you don’t have access to a measuring device or simply want an easy way to find out whether you are wearing the right-sized boots, there are charts available online that show approximate shoe sizes based on foot measurements.

These charts will help you figure out which size shoes should fit best for each foot measurement range so that you can buy shoes online without having to go into physical stores where there may not be any available options in stock at times.

You can also check the chart below if you are concerned about making the right decision.

Chart measurement

Do Uggs Stretch After Wearing?

If you have ever owned a pair of Ugg boots, then you have probably noticed that they stretch out quite a bit after wearing them. This is because they are made with sheepskin. It can be a little inconvenient, but stretching is actually very common for leather shoes.

When you first buy your Uggs, they will likely feel snug around the top of your foot and heel. After wearing them for a while, however, they will begin to stretch out just enough to make them more comfortable. This is because the leather in the boots is very soft and flexible.

The best way to avoid this problem is simply by breaking them in before wearing them regularly. You can do this by wearing the boots around the house for an hour or two every day for about a week. You should do this before wearing them outside for any length of time.

This will make the boots get used to how they fit on your feet before having to walk around town or go running errands in them all day long. However, if you want to make sure that your Uggs don’t stretch out too much, here are a few tips:

1) Don’t wear them every day (this goes for any shoes). You should rotate between several pairs of shoes, so each one has time to recover from wear and tear.

2) Make sure you are wearing the right size. If your feet are too big for the boot, they’ll stretch out more quickly than if they were snugly fit inside.

Can You Shrink UGG Boots?

Yes, you can shrink your Ugg boots by using some simple tricks. Shrinking them will also help to stay in good condition for longer by preventing stretching over time.

Can You Shrink UGG Boots

So, if you want to shrink your UGGs, there are a few ways to do it:

Invest in sheepskin insoles

You can reduce the size of your UGG boots using sheepskin insoles. These will help to make the boots more comfortable too.

With high-quality sheepskin insoles, your boots will breathe and feel much more comfortable. It also helps to extend your shoe life by adding an insulating layer between you and the leather.

Apart from helping to shrink the Ugg boots, sheepskin insoles also provides extra comfort and keep your feet warm. It also absorbs sweat more effectively so that your feet stay dry throughout the day as well.

Recommended sheepskin insole:

Invest in thick wool socks

If you’re a fan of wearing UGG boots but find that they are a bit too big for your feet, there are some natural ways to shrink them. One of the simplest methods involves wearing thick woolen socks.

You should wear socks whenever you want to go out with your Uggs. It will fill up other areas and ensure that the boot gives almost a perfect snug fit.

Use vinegar in the Ugg boots

A vinegar bath is a great way to shrink Ugg boots, especially those that are big and bulky. This is a safe, easy process that has been proven to be effective time and time again.

To shrink your UGGs with vinegar,

  • Take the boots in your hands and add a few tablespoons of vinegar to each shoe.
  • Put the shoes in a sealed bag and leave them overnight to let them soak up the liquid.
  • The next day, you can take it out to dry and then wear your boots as they shrink down and fit more snugly on your feet.

The second method is to get socks and sock them with vinegar instead of pouring them inside the boot. Place the socks in the boot overnight, and then you can dry the boot before you wear it the next day.

Do Uggs Come In Half Sizes?

Uggs do not come in half sizes. They come in whole sizes, and they are made to fit people with feet that are wider than the average width.

If your feet are on the narrower side of things, you may have trouble finding a pair that fits well. However, that does not mean you should give up on getting Ugg boots.

Do Uggs Come In Half Sizes

However, you may have difficulty getting a perfect fit if you shop online. So, just to be on the safer side, I recommend you purchase them in a local store.

Can I Wash My UGG Boots?

Yes, you can always wash your UGG boots even though some users suggest not to. The only issue is that you can end up damaging the boots if you do not wash them the right way.

So, here are some of the ways you should wash your UGG boots.

Can I Wash My UGG Boots

Cleaning with water and soap

If your UGG boots need cleaning, use soap and warm water. No detergents are necessary as they tend to strip the natural oils from leather and be harmful. Gently remove any excess dirt by brushing off your boots with a soft bristle brush.

This can be done if the boots are still moist or while they are perfectly dry; just be careful so that you don’t rub off any dye from the sheepskin. Let the UGG boots dry naturally, or dry them with a hairdryer set on a low setting.

Also, it is advisable that you do not immerse the boots in the water if you do not want to damage them.

Wipe with a wet cloth

Another cleaning method you can use is wiping dirt and debris away from the boots using a wet cloth.

Wipe the exterior of your boots with a wet cloth and allow them to dry. You can use a soft cloth, towel, or sponge. Avoid using paper towels because they may scratch the leather.

Hire a cobbler service

The best way to make sure your shoes are clean is to Take them to a professional cobbler for a wash and condition. This is the best way to keep your UGGs in good condition, as well as prolong their lifespan.

Tips on How to Wash Your UGG Boots

  1. Don’t put your UGG boots in the washing machine. The washing machine will ruin them.
  2. Don’t take your UGG boots to an inexperienced cleaner. They will ruin them too.
  3. Don’t use any cleaning products with bleach or harsh chemicals on your UGG boots, as these will ruin them too.
  4. Don’t soak your UGG boots in water and soap for hours on end, as that can cause the leather to dry out and crack over time
  5. Do not use any kind of brush or scrubbing device on your UGGs as it will scratch up the leather and make them look old and worn out fast.


Getting the right UGG boot size is more important than you might think. It’s not just about making sure that you can get your foot into the boot, but about making sure that the boot fits well once it’s on.

The right size UGG boots are essential for your comfort and enjoyment, and that is the reason most buyers ask the question, do Uggs run big. The fitment of UGG depends on the shape of your feet. Those who have wider feet claim it runs big and those with narrow feet speak otherwise.

However, you need to always check the size chart to make the right decision. If you are not wearing the correct size, you could end up with a pair of boots that feel too tight or too loose, which will leave you feeling uncomfortable and unable to enjoy your new purchase. So, getting the right size is all you need to do.

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