Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes?

Goat is one of the most popular online marketplaces for sneakers and clothes. What differentiates Goat from other marketplaces is their collection of limited and unique products, and this uniqueness often confuses people into thinking, Does Goat sell fake shoes?

GOAT opposes the selling of unauthorized or counterfeit shoes. Before selling them out, they check and authenticate each pair of shoes. Since GOAT has a tight verification method, it is nearly difficult for counterfeit sneakers to reach the market.

So, if you are thinking of buying new shoes from GOAT and are confused about the authenticity, then we are here to help you out. Today in this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about GOAT.

Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes?

No GOAT never allows the sale of any fake sneakers or shoes. To guarantee that every pair of shoes that enters the site are of the highest caliber, a team of professionals authenticates every pair internally and uses digital authentication techniques.

Does Goat Sell Fake Shoes

There are several allegations that GOAT sells counterfeit shoes, but there is seldom any proof to support such assertions. There are many reasons why it is very rare for fake shoes to enter here.

Ship to Verify

Most of the online platforms which allow the selling of products by individuals do not verify the product. Instead, the seller directly sells the product to the customer.

But, here in GOAT, each product is shipped to their team, which checks and authenticates the products before sending them to the customer.

Authentication Policy

They guard against counterfeits and imitations and verify the things on their reseller marketplace are real. GOAT accomplishes this by subjecting the seller to a rigorous procedure.

After starting to list their sneakers, someone must first take photos of the sneakers from all sides. The AI then inspects the photographs for flaws.

Money-Back Policy

This is another great feature of GOAT, and they have a money-back policy. So even after the authentication process, you receive a fake product which is quite rare. You can show them proof, and they will return your money.

How Does Goat Authenticate Shoes?

So, you might be thinking about how an online marketplace can authenticate shoes. Well, they bring in a double authentication layer for the sneakers so that the customers can stay relaxed and always receive the original product.

First layer: Using AI Technology

Before GOAT’s team checks the shoes physically, they go through the first layer of checks via AI technology. The seller will upload every detail of the sneakers, like their brand, model number, name, size, buying year, condition, and everything else.

Once the seller gives out all information, he is required to upload pictures of the sneakers from a few different angles. When the pictures are uploaded, the AI system will authenticate the info using a database, and if everything is alright, the pictures will be uploaded to the site.

Second Layer: Human Verification

This is the second layer of verification which is done by humans in the GOAT warehouse. So, when a customer wants to buy something, the seller sends them to the warehouse, where they are again inspected and verified by professionals. If everything is alright, the GOAT team will send money to the seller and the product to the customer.

How Can You Tell If GOAT Shoes Are Fake?

So, for instance, you have already bought sneakers from GOAT, and you want to check whether they are real or not. Even though they have been authenticated from GOAT but to your mental satisfaction, you might want to do it again.

1. Match Every Detail In Google

When you buy a shoe from GOAT, you will see all the details listed with the shoe. Make sure to search for them on Google and check whether the pictures match the ones uploaded by the seller. This is the first verification step before placing your order.

2. Check The Box

Information about the sneakers’ name, SKU code, barcode, manufacturing location, and size should all be included in the box. Using a barcode reader on your smartphone, you may scan the barcode to determine the product’s validity.

Check the box

Major packaging flaws, such as box type or box size, indicate that the product is a duplicate because large corporations DON’T make mistakes on their package.

3. Check The SKU Code Inside The Tag

SKU actually stands for stock keeping unit, which can be interpreted as the stock unit’s id. This identifier, which may occasionally include initials, is exclusive to each color scheme of each distinct model of branded shoe.

Check the SKU code inside the Tag

You can find SKU inside your shoes. Nearly all brands have the SKU printed inside the shoe tongue.

You may use this to check online to see if your product matches the requested pair. Simply enter the code into your search engine, and the outcomes appear right away. However, your sneakers are fake if you get no results.

4. Check The Seam Quality

There’s also a huge difference in the seam quality between real and fake sneakers. The best way to match your shoes is to visit the nearest sneaker shop and compare them with the ones you received from the GOAT.

Check the Seam quality

If you can’t do that, then search for the specific model of the shoe on the internet and match it with your one to compare.

Before wearing the shoe, noticing faulty seams might raise suspicions, but keep in mind that even genuine shoes can have small-scale manufacturing flaws.

What To Do If You Get Fake Shoes From GOAT?

Even though it’s a rare instance to receive fake shoes from GOAT. But still, if you got a fake shoe no need to worry as they have an excellent customer care policy and will help you out.

So, in this case, you will need to contact GOAT and show proof that the products you received from them are fake. They will fully refund your money within a few working days after verifying your complaint.

Additionally, they provide a return policy for genuine goods. As provided as the merchandise is in a like-new state, GOAT welcomes returns on “relatively new in box, new without box, apparel, and accessory sales.”


If you are thinking of buying shoes from GOAT, then you already know they are authentic and how they work. Our FAQs below will help you further understand all these more carefully.

Does GOAT Sell Used Shoes?

Yes, GOAT offers used shoes. They have unveiled a brand-new initiative called GOAT Clean that sells old shoes that have been cleaned, rated, and snapped by experts. To be posted on their website, old shoes must be fully cleaned and in pristine condition.

Why Is Goat So Cheap?

One of the most trustworthy marketplaces for purchasing and selling shoes nowadays is called GOAT. They are inexpensive since it provides direct links between sellers and buyers, which saves a significant amount of money. They also sell used shoes, so the price is automatically reduced.

Can You Trust Goat Shoes?

GOAT sneakers are completely trusted and reliable. They use a rigorous review process. Before allowing customers to purchase the shoes, the business authenticates them twice. Additionally, they are a well-known company that has been in operation for a while and is knowledgeable about the business.

How Long Do Goats Take To Authenticate?

For verification, GOAT normally needs 1-2 business days. With rare or constrained SKUs being an exception, more validation and processing time may be needed. As soon as their professionals have verified the authenticity of the shoes, the profits will be accessible for cashing out on the GOAT app.


For sneaker lovers, GOAT is a great choice because of the price they provide, along with the authenticity. Unlike other sites, they take their products through a strict authentication process, so it is nearly impossible to receive fake products from them.

One of the nicest things about GOAT is that even if some shoes are brand new, they are incredibly cheap relative to their actual price. This is the reason GOAT is so remarkably famous.

Moreover, they have a money-back guarantee in case you receive a fake product. So. you can shop through them without any trouble.

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