How Often Should You Replace Work Shoes – Observe These Signs!

Work shoes are designed to deal with varieties of hazards and adverse situations in the workplace. At the same time, work boots have to carry the weight of a worker on average 10 to 12 hours and provide comfort and protection to the feet.

Work shoes can logically be worn out soon and need to be replaced after a certain period because a worn-out shoe can cause your foot pain, discomfort and injuries. But how often should you replace work shoes for ensuring maximum protection?

This guide tells you about the ideal time to replace your existing work shoes. Also, you will know the reason for the new shoe replacement and how to extend your work shoes lifespan. Shall we start?

How Often Should You Replace Work Shoes?

How Often Should You Replace Work Shoes? The ideal time to replace your work shoes depends on some variables like shoe’s material quality, total wearing time and your working environment. However, on average, a casual work shoe can prolong at least six months, a good quality work shoe can long-last at least twelve months. And there are some outstanding sturdy shoes that can long-last up to 36 months.

How Often Should You Replace Work Shoes

Remember that in extremely adverse environments, your shoes will be worn out and damaged easily. Likewise, the low-quality material and lack of proper maintenance can also reduce the work shoe’s lifespan. Besides, you may need shoe replacement depending on how long you have been using the shoe.

Since work shoes are a roughly great investment, so many workers tend to repair their shoes. But this approach may be risky for feet. Moreover, a good pair of shoes can improve your working performance and productivity.

How Do You Ensure That You Replace The Work Shoes At The Right Time?

Most workers try to go as much as possible with their work shoes since buying a new pair is roughly expensive. But when you ensure that you need to replace a new pair of work shoes? There are some common signs of understanding that it is high time to retire your existing work shoes.

Replace The Work Shoes At The Right Time

1. Cracks or holes on the surface

With the change of time, your work shoes can get cracks or holes on the surface or bottom. It is related to your working environment, shoe material and duration of use. If you notice any holes or cracks in your work shoes, it is time to replace a new pair. Otherwise, your feet can fall into a serious injury because of a small hole.

2. Feeling discomfort at feet

Working shoes would be comfortable for the ankle, feet, knee and toes. The saddest things are that many workers don’t care for the comfort factor, and they don’t know that an unsuitable fit can cause serious leg problems in the knee and ligaments. If you ever feel discomfort wearing your used shoes, it’s time to replace good work boots for bad knees pain prevention.

You can check out if the cushion is perfect, and the midsoles are straight in position. As well as make sure if you are getting proper support and shock absorption when walking.

3. Higher slips and falls

When the shoe lug is eroded, the chances of slipping or falls increase. So, notice if you are tending to slip much more than before. If so, consider buying a new pair of working shoes.

4. Much flexibility

Working shoes require flexibility for user comfort, but too much flexibility can reduce the support. Although added flexibility is good to go for extra mileage, it can increase the shoe’s elasticity over time. Keep in mind that it is crucial to balance among the flexibility, support and shock absorption. So even if the shoes are extra flexible, you need to understand that it is time for a replacement.

5. Pressed insoles

Insoles work to ensure feet comfort from the bottom. But insoles can be much pressed over time that make you feel pain at your feet when walking. So, when it comes to reducing the impact of comfort from insoles, you need to think about new work shoes.

Pressed insoles

6. Damaged Midsoles

The midsole can wrinkle and be damaged over time and can lose its actual shape. As a result, you will not get enough cushion like new shoes; even your height will reduce with a damaged midsole.

Damaged Midsoles

7. Worn out soles:

The most crucial part of the work shoes is the outsole which has to deal with many tough situations. Whatever your work environment is of mud, concrete or sleek, the outsole needs to cope with that. So, observe the outsole regularly. Usually, a good work shoe outsole can be prolonged for 300-500 miles walking. Do you know that walking 300 to 500 miles requires about six months?

Worn out soles

In that context, you can use a pedometer or smartwatch to track your steps. Then you can easily get an idea about the outsole condition.

8. Upper separating:

This problem is often heard from the user, and most people want to repair the sole and upper shoes with adhesive. But upper separation from soles is a serious issue when replacing a new work shoe is vital.

Upper separating

The continuous flapping of a hanging sole can cause serious falls and injury. And adhesive is not a permanent solution for this problem. So, it is good to replace your work shoes.

Should You Replace Work Shoes with Cheap Shoes?

No, it is not a good idea to replace work shoes with cheap shoes. Remember that a good pair of work shoes can prolong, providing added protection for your feet. Moreover, good quality shoes improve your productivity at the workplace.

Also, note that you will suffer from a cheap work shoe often, and it may require repair after some days of wearing. If you plan to purchase cheap work shoes, your whole investment can go through a loss project.

For instance, if you buy the best-branded work shoes, they can go for decades, and medium quality work shoes can go for at least one year. On the contrary, you have to invest a triple amount behind cheap work shoes, and it will let you face repairing hassle. So, if you want to save your time, money and labor, you should never invest in cheap work shoes.

Is It Possible to Extend the Life of Your Work Shoes?

Casual work shoes generally need to be replaced within six to 12 months, but proper maintenance can extend the life of your work shoes. Here are some tips that work great to increase the lifespan of your shoes.

Possible to Extend the Life of Your Work Shoes

1. Keep alternative work boots

If you have some alternative work shoes, you can save a lot of bucks from buying a new pair every six months. In these cases, you have to keep a few pairs of high-quality shoes that will serve you for several years. When you have alternative shoes, you can properly take care of another pair. If you wear work shoes in this way, each pair of shoes will damage less, and their lifespan will increase.

2. Use work shoes only at the workplace:

Most work shoes are designed with an elegant outlook. So, you naturally want to use those for casual use, but it is not recommended. Remember to use your work shoes only at the workplace. Otherwise, work shoes will damage soon.

3. Maintain the cleaning:

Cleaning is mandatory whether your workplace is adverse or favourable. It is especially mandatory to clean work shoes properly after each working period. If your workplace is full of muddy or water, then clean your shoes and let them dry. Just a few minutes of care will prolong the life of your shoes. However, in the case of non-waterproof shoes, use a dry and soft cloth to clean.

4. Avoid unnecessary damage:

It is also important to put off the shoes and store them in the right place in proper ways. Never throw off shoes after opening.

Take off your shoes lightly and put them in the right place so you can get away with a lot of unexpected damage.

5. Remember safety issue

Since all shoe materials are not made from the same material, remembering some safety issues is important. For example, don’t submerge the leather shoes to prevent damage. Always use normal water to wash the work shoes and dry under the open air instead of a drying machine.


There are no straightforward rules to replace your work shoes within 6 to 12 months because it depends on the factors you have already known. If you notice that your work shoes are not worthy of coping with your comfort and safety, it is vital to replace them.

You also know the consequences of not replacing shoes on time. So, take a proper decision as per your sense to ensure maximum protection because health protection is the priority.

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