How To Clean Red Wing Boots In 6 Easy Steps?

For over 100 years, Red Wing has dominated the footwear industry with high-quality boots loved by most people across the world. And, as with such premium investment, it’s essential to know how to clean Red Wing boots without damaging them and keep them looking new.

Red Wing boots are undeniably not high-maintenance products. Even if not properly maintained, they still guarantee many years of use. But why would you not take care of your boots anyways?

While Red Wing boots are arguably the toughest boots in the market, a little attention and care go a long way in keeping them in perfect shape and extending their life span. If you’re wondering how to clean Red Wing boots, you’ve come to the right place. This article discusses all about cleaning and caring for your Red Wing boots. Keep reading to find out more.

How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Red Wings Boots?

The question of how often you need to clean your Red Wing boots depends on how frequently you wear them and how dirty they get. However, a general rule of thumb is to clean leather boots 4-5 times a year, especially during winter.

But did you know Red Wing offers a cool complimentary service? You can always take your boots to Red Wing for a complimentary cleaning and conditioning every 30 days. Though most boot owners prefer to take care of things on their own.

How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Red Wings Boots

Keep in mind that users wear Red Wing shoes mostly during the winter. So, it’s best to clean you shoes especially during the winter. You should also clean the boots before you put it back in the box for storage.

Whether you opt for complimentary cleaning or prefer cleaning from home, you should approach your boot’s maintenance just like you would do for your car. How often do you clean your car or change your engine oil? Cleaning your boots more often improves their longevity.

How To Clean Red Wing Boots?

After much research and debate, you eventually bought a new pair of red wing boots. What next? Like getting breathable work boots, red wing boots are bound to wear out with time.

Understandably, you may want to wear them more often; this means you’ll need to clean them more often too.

Cleaning these boots is relatively simple and something that every wearer should know and do from time to time. Before scrubbing your boots, it’s essential to understand how to clean Red Wing boots correctly to avoid damage.

How To Clean Red Wing Boots

The best method to clean your Red Wing boots depends on the material they are made from. If you want to make them as weather resistant and durable as possible, it means you might have to use a slightly different method than if you intend to condition them and let the leather acquire a deep patina with time.

Irrespective of the outcome you want to achieve, the fundamental principles of a Red Wing boot care include dirt removal, conditioning, and protecting the leather. Here are steps to follow when cleaning your Red Wing boots:

  • Step 1: Remove the laces from your Red Wing boots.
  • Step 2: Mix a small amount of foam leather cleaner in lukewarm water until it leathers.
  • Step 3: Give your boots an excellent external clean using a piece of cloth, sponge, or brush and the foam solution.
  • Step 4: Once you’re done cleaning, let it dry.

Once your Red Wing boots are clean and dry, it’s time to do some conditioning to help keep them healthy and supple.

  • Step 5: Using either boot oil, mink oil, or leather conditioner, work into the leather surface of the boots with your fingertips or a piece of cloth.

Now your Red Wing boots are cleaned and conditioned:

  • Step 6: Gently spray the leather protector on the surface. This mist-over creates a final shield that protects your boots from dirt elements and, more so, makes the next cleaning process more manageable.

Does Red Wing Clean Your Boots For Free?

YES! This is good news to all boot owners, regardless of the brand you wear. Red Wing offers freeboots cleaning services in their “30-day service program.” The service includes cleaning, polishing, conditioning, changing laces (if needed), and eyelet rotation (if needed).

You can contact your nearby Red Wing outlet to get access to this excellent service.

Caring Tips For Your Red Wing Boots

Taking care of your Red Wing boots is not a challenging task. With the correct procedure, your boots will not lose their gleam quickly. If well maintained, Red Wing boots can stay as good as new for a prolonged period.

Caring Tips For Your Red Wing Boots

Care for these boots begins with proper cleaning. Thus, we give a few caring tips for your Red Wing boots.


Like any other footwear, cleaning is the primary step for proper maintenance. There are two methods of cleaning Red Wing boots; light and deep cleaning.

  • Light cleaning: Ensure you have a soft bristle brush or a sponge, then prepare warm water. Deep the brush or sponge in warm water and gently brush off the dirt from your boots. Afterward, use a clean cloth to dry and get rid of any remaining dirt.
  • Deep cleaning: Deep cleaning applies in situations when your Red Wing boots have too much dirt. For this type of cleaning, you’ll need a leather cleaner. This substance is specifically designed to eliminate dirt on leather with ease. Use a brush or clean piece of cloth to apply the cleaner on the surface of your boots. After application, let it sit for about two minutes, then use a damp cloth to wipe off the leather cleaner from your boots. Allow it time to dry.


While dirt is eliminated through cleaning, conditioning helps maintain the quality of your leather boots and prolong their lifespan.

The three most common conditioners used on Red Wing boots are Red Mink Oil, Red Wing All-Natural Leather Conditioner, and Red Wing All-Natural Boot Oil.

You can use your fingers, a sponge, or a soft piece of cloth to apply the conditioner.


This is the tip for caring for your Red Wing boots. For ample protection, apply a Red Wing Leather Protector. It helps your boots maintain their luster despite all the dirt, mud, or water you come in contact with.

Final Thoughts

Having a pair of Red Wing boots is rather an investment; they are not cheap per se, but their prices are justified. Red Wing boots are not demanding when it comes to maintenance. And due to their premium build and materials, they can last a lifetime. However, this entirely depends on how you clean your Red Wing boots.

If you are a big fan of Red Wing boots, we hope you found this article helpful. With your boots’ “durability” in mind, if you can keep in mind the basic cleaning and caring tips discussed in this article, you’ll be able to increase the lifespan and luster of your Red Wing boots. Always remember: Clean – Condition – Protect!

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