4 Ways To Get Creases Out Of Your Doc Martens Shoes!

Dr. Martens are remarkably durable and robust shoes that really add a sophisticated touch to your personality and appearance. However, one major issue with new leather shoes or boots is that they are vulnerable to wrinkles and creases. So, how do you get creases out of Doc Martens?

There are many ways you can remove creases out of leather shoes. The tools you’ll need include leather oil, alcohol, hair dryer, etc., that are easily accessible in any household. But I recommend treating these wrinkles from the beginning to avoid more complications.

The truth is, creases on leather shoes or boots are quite natural, regardless of their prices. Wrinkles on a new pair of leather boots are bound to happen over time.

Still, I wrote this guide to share my favorite tips on how to get creases out of Doc Martens. Take your time to also read my hacks to prevent doc martens from creasing.

What Causes Doc Martens To Crease?

Many people believe that high-quality leather boots or shoes are less vulnerable to developing creases. But leather shoes are bound to develop creases over time regardless of their sources and prices. Wrinkles on doc martens occur due to the following reasons:

What Causes Doc Martens To Crease

Inappropriate Storage

Many people may not have shoe racks in their homes. Some end up piling different shoes or boots together in a single box. Doc martens will develop marks when something is pressing them over an extended period.

Frequent Bending

Doc martens are vulnerable to creasing on the upper surface. These wrinkles are due to frequent bending when your feet flex. These creases are inevitable since you cannot prevent the feet from bending when walking.

Improper Fitting

Improper fitting boots or shoes tend to leave extra space around the foot. The space will create a room for your doc martens to bend. An individual with perfect-fitting boots or shoes will experience fewer creases than someone with improper-fitting counterparts.

Too Loose Boots

If your doc martens are too loose, they are susceptible to creasing more easily. It creates several points and angles when bending to result in wrinkles. I recommend buying a snug pair of doc martens to conform your feet.

Doc Martens Design

Doc martens with a full cap or semi cap toes are less vulnerable to creasing. In contrast, those designs with plain caps or whole cuts will develop wrinkles more easily. The boots’ design plays a crucial role in developing creases.

Leather Quality

Doc Martens are made from durable and robust leather materials. But those leather boots receiving poor treatment will develop wrinkles over time. Always treat your Dr. Martens well to prevent creasing.

Can You Uncrease Doc Martens Shoes?

Doc martens that don’t receive much attention are vulnerable to creasing. These wrinkles tend to be invisible in the early days but later take the look of your boots in the long run.

Can You Uncrease Doc Martens

So, can you uncrease Doc Martens? Yes. I recommend using leather oil, clothes steamer, blow dryer, and clothes iron. These methods are effective and efficient in removing creases.

The golden rule is to prevent creases from happening on your Doc Martens. It will relieve you the hassle of removing wrinkles on the leather boots.

Keep reading this article guide to get creases out of your Doc Martens and use the hacks to prevent them from creasing. Remember to also grab good work boots for bad knees.

How To Get Creases Out Of Doc Martens?

Treating wrinkles on Dr. Martens is a no-brainer process since it has some close similarities to those of other leather boots. Below are the most effective and efficient methods for removing creases out of Doc Martens:

How To Get Creases Out Of Doc Martens

1. Apply Leather Oil

Dr. Martens are robust and durable due to their high-quality leather materials. But these boots are bound to develop creases over time.

Applying leather oil on your Doc Martens will help combat the small wrinkles during the early days. Put a few drops of skin oil on the creases and massage to stretch the leather.

Use a clean and soft cloth to the oil stains in the long run. Also, allow your Dr. Martens to sit on a shoe rack and dry. The wrinkles will disappear after an extended period.

2. Use Alcohol to Remove Stubborn Creases

Alcohol is a simple household substance ideal for removing stubborn creases on your Dr. Martens. It is an effective and reliable household product to consider.

Fill a bottle spray with an equal amount of water and alcohol. Spray the solution on the wrinkles and let your leather boots dry.

Apply another layer of leather conditioner to treat and polish your Dr. Martens. Remember to use a boot stretcher to restore the original shape of your Doc Martens.

3. Use a Hair Dryer or Hair Gun

It is a perfect option for removing wrinkles on Doc Martens since the heat helps stretch the leather and diminishes the creases.

Insert the boot stretchers in your Doc Martens to stretch the creases and massage them with leather oil. Keep the hairdryer about 5-6 inches away and apply the heat.

Massage the creased area again with leather oil and allow the oil ingredients to penetrate the skin. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the excess oil from the boots and condition them.

Allow the leather boots to dry for 5-10 hours and rub them with a new lint-free cloth to shine. I recommend treating Doc Martens well to avoid stubborn creases development.

4. Use Clothes Iron Method

It is the best alternative to the hairdryer option in removing ugly creases on your Doc Martens. The DIY method involves stuffing the boots with old newspapers.

Remove the shoelaces and damp the wrinkles with a wet washcloth. Switch on an iron box to 800F and place the iron over a wet washcloth.

The steam due to the heat from the iron box will release the creases from your boots. Remove the towel and repeat the process if the wrinkles are still visible. Let the boots dry naturally.

Tips to Prevent Doc Martens from Creasing

Each method for removing creases on Doc Martens tends to come with advantages and disadvantages. The best option is to identify the cause and avoid making those mistakes. Below are quick tips to prevent Dr. Martens from Creasing:

  • Use the original boxes to store your leather boots for an extended period.
  • Apply leather conditioner and oil on your boots to keep the skin moisturized.
  • Unlace the leather boots before wearing them. Besides that, take the ultimate time to put on and off the leather boots.

Final Words

I hope now you know how to get creases out of doc martens. The most exciting part is to know the causes and tips of preventing Dr. Martens from creasing.

Each method for removing creases out of your leather boots comes with advantages and limitations. I recommend applying the leather oil and conditioner method to nourish the skin.

Feel free to share this article guide with your friends or relatives. Besides that, use the comment section to share your experience in removing creases out of Doc Martens.

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