How to Keep Feet From Sweating in Work Boots: The Proven Way

People who spend all day at work, wearing boots, sweaty feet is one of the most common problems they usually face. If you also have the same issues, then you already know how irritating this problem is.

It’s frustrating to have your feet sweating uncomfortably all day while you’re working. The only way out is knowing how to keep feet from sweating in work boots and keep them dry.

You don’t have to sweat in your work boots anymore, because we’ve got you covered. We’re about to discuss some of the easiest methods to get rid of this problem. Effortlessly. Well, almost!

What Is Sweating in Work Boots?

Sweating in working boots is a common condition, especially if you work while wearing a boot for a longer period. It happens because your feet remain enclosed inside the boots, lacking circulation and breathability. In short, the change in the temperature inside your boot is the primary reason for sweaty feet.

Possible Reason for Sweating in Work Boots?

You might know that there are so many thermosensitive neurons covered in our brain’s hypothalamus. They activate the sweat glands of our body when they detect any signal from our skin receptors. Sweating helps to decrease the temperature of our body through evaporative cooling on our skin.

Nevertheless, when you do work with tight-fitting and heavily lined boots, your feet get warm, and they start sweating. The level of sweating depends on many other aspects as well such as age, gender, weight, level of activity, etc.

How to Keep Feet from Sweating in Work Boots

Now that we’ve got a reason behind the sweating, it’s time to know How to Keep Feet from Sweating in Work Boots to stay dry. To help you with that, we’re showing you some practical solutions to get rid of this problem.

How to Keep Feet from Sweating in Work Boots

Choose the Right Material Boot that Suits Your Feet

This is where most workers make a mistake and choose the wrong boots. Getting the right working boots based on your job can help you avoid sweating in boots. Depending on your profession and feet condition, you must select the right boot to eliminate the sweating problem.

For example, if your job doesn’t require you to travel from place to place or work in wet or damp areas. Then you should go for breathable work boots that don’t raise your body temperature and keep your feet healthy. Insulated boots also tend to warm your feet up and cause excessive sweat.

Use Antifungal Powder to Prevent Sweating

Using antifungal powder is another effective way to protect your feet from becoming sweaty. Apply some foot-powder on your feet before wearing the boots. This will keep your feet dry for a longer period as the powder soaks up the moisture and prevents fungus as well.

Use Antifungal Powder to Prevent Sweating

Wear Suitable Socks

Many people think that the socks they wear with their working boots have no relation to sweating, which isn’t true. The socks work as a barrier between your feet and the working boot. Be selective while choosing pairs of socks and give them regular cleaning. Nylon socks don’t do good, neither the wool socks. Go for socks that offer good absorbency along with comfortable materials inside.

Wear Suitable Socks

Maintain Proper Hygiene

There is a popular saying that cleanliness is next to Godliness! While taking your regular bath, it’s crucial to also clean your tootsies properly. Moreover, you need to grow the habit of nourishing your feet once a day by washing them. Scrub your feet with antibacterial soap and warm water every time you finish working and get back home. This hygiene practice will keep your feet fresh and help them to sweat less.

Use Shoe Inserts

Good shoe inserts don’t only increase comfort, they also prevent sweating in the boots. This is also suggested by the International Hyperhidrosis Society for work boots for flat feet. Using the perfect shoe insert will help you to absorb the moisture and keep your feet dry inside your work boot.

Put Surplus Paper Inside Your Shoes

After getting back from work, you can put old useless papers in your boots. It will soak up the sweat that generates throughout the day. This process works as a boot dryer and soaks up all the foot odor, freshen them up, even if you have excessive sweating.

Put Surplus Paper Inside Your Shoes

Spend Some Time Cleaning Your Boots

Spend Some Time Cleaning Your Boots

Cleaning the boots frequently will help you keep them fresh. Working boots are tough enough to handle the pressure of scrupulous cleaning. Shine up the outside while cleaning the inner part of your boot and dry them in sun heat. Cleaning the boots increases the breathability of your boots while eliminating the sweating problem.

Use a Foot Deodorant

Using a foot deodorant is the smartest and easiest way to prevent sweating while wearing your working boot. You just need to spray it on your feet before you wear the boots and that will do the job. Besides, these deodorants have no side effects and prevent smells. You can safely use them on both your shoes and feet.

Use a Foot Deodorant

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is good for your sweaty and smelly feet. It works as a disinfectant with its antibacterial properties. The acidic agent in apple cider prevents harmful bacteria from growing on your work boot. Take one cup of apple cider and mix with 4x water. After mixing the liquid, soak your feet in it for about 20 minutes, and do that regularly.

Black Tea Treatment

A regular black tea therapy could work like magic for sweaty feet inside work boots. It contains tannic acid that significantly reduces sweat from your feet. You will need a large container where you can comfortably adjust both of your feet in. Now put three bags of tea bags in with lukewarm water and soak your feet in it for 30 minutes.

Use Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is one of the best natural antiperspirants to prevent sweat inside working boots. Squeeze some lemon juice and soak them with a cotton ball and then rub them on the bottom of your feet. Don’t overuse pure lemon juice on your skin, it may cause rashes, especially for sensitive skin.

Baby Powder

Baby powder is made of talcum with a mild fragrance that can effectively soak up the excess moisture of your sweaty feet. Though baby powder soaks up moisture, it can’t help you with the foot odor since it has no anti-bacterial properties.

Balance Your Weight

Overweight people tend to sweat more than people with a balanced and healthy weight. It is because they spend more energy to heat up, which takes a higher time to cool down. So, you can reduce the stress on your feet and stop excessive sweating by maintaining a healthy weight.


So, to recap the whole thing, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle while taking good care of your boots. Use breathable boots, keep your feet clean, and have a spare pair of socks that is made of absorbable material. Use the necessary remedies on both your feet and work boots.

We hope that now you have a clear understanding of how to keep feet from sweating in work boots and stay cool while working. Using the techniques above will surely help you not only stay dry but also avoid smelling bad every time you take off your work boots.

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