How to Remove Asphalt From Boots?

What do you find underneath your boots after walking on the street? Along with dirt and other particles, you’ll get to see tar stains or asphalt. Unlike the common dirt, asphalt is stubborn.

You need to know how to remove asphalt from boots in the most effective ways. Why? Otherwise, the outsole of the shoes will get clogged with asphalt. It creates a particular annoyance while walking.

We are here with some basic ways to remove asphalt from work boots. Also, you’ll get some amazing tips to avoid damages to the outsole in the future. Let’s get on the process of removing asphalt.

How to Remove Asphalt from Boots?

Asphalt or tar residue sticks to the outsole. In summer, the heat from the sun melts the tar used in the road construction. Tar or asphalt is a sticky substance. As a result, if you take a walk on the street, it gets stuck with the outsole of your boots. To remove them and get a clean boot outsole, follow the below steps.

How to Remove Asphalt From Boots?

What You’ll Need

Everything you need to remove stubborn stains of asphalt from the outsole is available at your nearby shops. Here is the list.

  • Plastic knife
  • Detergent
  • Toothbrush
  • WD-40
  • Clean cloth or clean towel or paper towels
  • Clean warm water and cold water

Apart from WD-40, others are available at home. You can purchase WD-40 at any superstore or hardware shop. Gather them around to start the removal process.

Steps to Remove Asphalt from Boots

Please follow these steps to remove tar from shoes.

Step 1: Clean The Entire Boots from Dirt

You must use a clean cloth to clean the boot properly. Don’t apply any cleaning solution in this step. Make sure that the boot is cleaned from dirt and other particles except for tar or asphalt.

Step 2: Use A Plastic Knife

You may find some slightly bigger chunks of asphalt in outsoles. Remove them carefully with the plastic knife. Use it everywhere around the rubber sole to get the best result. Also, avoid scrubbing too much else the knife may damage the outsole.

It is recommended to do it carefully to save spikes of your boots. This step will clear most of the large portion of asphalt sticking on the outsole.

Step 3: Prepare The Detergent Mixture and Apply

The second step clears only large chunks of asphalt. This step is vital for clearing asphalt from narrow areas. You need to mix detergent with warm clean water.

Apply them on the outsole and use the toothbrush for clearing debris. The mixture will clean the majority of asphalt from the outsole.

Step 4: WD-40

This chemical element has great use in the area of asphalt. Apply WD-40 with a sprayer. Now, you need to wait for a while. Soon, the rest of the debris will start to meltdown. Wipe them out with a rag or toothbrush.

There is a possibility of residues after cleaning with WD-40. The mixture will do fine in this stage.

When you’re done, you’ll get shiny outsoles free from asphalt.

Tips to Making Your Boots Last Longer

If you are facing damage in boots now and then due to asphalt, it is time to follow proper tips to avoid changing boots regularly.

Tips to Making Your Boots Last Longer

  • Regular cleansing is a must to make your boots last longer. There are cleaners which are useful in this regard. Look for one at any hardware shop. These will improve the lifespan of your favorite boots.
  • When you don’t have any access to the cleaner or similar lubricant, use baby oil. It works fine too.
  • Clean the boot at least once a week. This will solve the issue with asphalt. For cleaning purposes, you must place shoes in the freezer. The practice will ease the asphalt for getting tar off shoes.
  • Get asphalt work boots for everyday uses. These are completely safe from asphalt surfaces.


Boots are made for sturdy jobs. If you’re wearing them every weekday, make sure to keep them clean. The proper and appropriate boot cleaning procedure will optimize its lifespan. Asphalt is easy to clean. All you need is to give time and effort.

If you are thinking of how to remove asphalt from boots, follow the above tips. This gives you much more benefit to keep boots clean and durable.

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