Do Crocs Run Big? [A Comprehensive Size Chart For Crocs Lovers]

Crocs have been tantamount to comfy, casual, and fashion for quite a long time. However, as much as they come with plenty of benefits, a few gray areas still surround this footwear. Size is one of them. So, while you contemplate buying a new pair of crocs, you may have asked yourself, do crocs run big?

Generally, most crocs fit right to their size, but some tend to run big, especially the casual models. It’s no surprise that crocs will stretch and run big over time when exposed to high temperatures.

Crocs are made from different materials, with different designs and fitting. The bottom line is they all offer you a more comfortable and casual fit. In this article, we turn all stones to find out whether Crocs could be a wide fit or not. Additionally, we explain how to get perfect crocs for your feet. Stay with us.

Do Crocs Run Big After Wearing?

Plain and simple, your crocs will obviously run big with time. Why so? We all know crocs are made from a type of foam that makes them comfortable to wear, but this material expands when left exposed to scorching heat and high temperatures.

Do Crocs Run Big

Some crocs models are built exclusively for comfort, while others are purposely for work.

So, the determining factor for your crocs running big is the model you choose. For example, the Crocs Classic Clog is designed for generous fit and comfort; you can pick your regular size on this one and still get the right fit.

On the other hand, dealing with crocs built with a diverse design in mind, such as Crocs Bistro Clog, is a different case. Although its toe and top areas are closed, these crocs still run somewhat bigger as opposed to other models available.

Finally, we have models like Crocs Crocband that don’t give much foot room. These have a tighter fit and do not run big quickly. So, if you have a wider foot, you might experience a hard time trying to fit into this model.

How Should Crocs Fit?

While crocs are roomy and accommodate all foot sizes, picking the right fit is essential for comfort and movement. Perfect crocs fit should not allow your feet to move up and down the crocs; instead, the arch area, sides, and top should comfortably clasp your feet. Also, your heels should securely rest inside the crocs without your toes touching the front.

How Should Crocs Fit

Crocs come in three main fits; Standard, relaxed and roomy. You can find your best fit in any of the three.

Standard Fit

These crocs fit primarily intended to produce the tightest fit of all. However, that does not imply that your feet will be excessively tight.

This means you won’t have any trouble walking without worrying about your shoes falling off. And if there are any slips, they will be minor. Even if you have a regular fit, there will be some movement at the top side of the shoe.

Standard Fit

Relaxed Fit

This type does not have as much toe room as those with a spacious fit. As a result, you may experience a tighter fit.

On the other hand, your toes will not be in contact with the top area of the shoes. In contrast to the spacious fit, the sides of your foot will touch the sides of the crocs.

Relaxed Fit

Roomy Fit

These are the most spacious crocs fits available. The manufacturer ensured that your foot does not have short ends from length to width and height.

Most of these variants have a backstrap that prevents them from slipping off your feet and provides additional stability.

Roomy Fit

Crocs Size Chart: What Size Crocs Should I Get?

Getting the best design of the crocs you want isn’t much of a hassle; the challenging task is finding the right size/fit. Usually, Crocs company uses US shoe sizing for their products worldwide. The size is printed on the sole of your shoes. You will see two numbers in most cases, both referring to shoe size.

The number on the left (often smaller) represents Men’s size while the one to the right (usually larger) represents Women’s size.

Keep in mind that, unlike other shoe manufacturers, Crocs do not manufacture shoes in half size. To help you get the right crocs size, here are charts showing foot length and their corresponding shoe sizes:

Men’s Sizes

Foot size (inches) Foot size (centimeters) US UK EU
9.6 24.5 6.5 6 39.5
9.8 25.5 7.5 6.5 40.5
10 26 8 7 41
10.2 26.5 8.5 7.5 42
10.4 26.5 9 8 42.5
10.6 27 9.5 8.5 43
10.8 27.5 10 9 44
11 28 10.5 9.5 44.5
11.2 28.5 11 10 45
11.4 29 11.5 10.5 45.5
11.6 30 12 11 46

Women’s sizes

Foot size (inches) Foot size (centimeters) US UK EU
8.9 22.5 5.5 3 36
9.1 23 6 3.5 36.5
9.3 23.5 6.5 4 37.5
9.4 24 7 4.5 38
9.6 24.5 7.5 5 38.5
9.8 25 8 5.5 39
10 25.5 8.5 6 40
10.2 26 9 6.5 40.5
10.4 26.5 9.5 7 41
10.6 27 10 7.5 42

Children’s sizes (1-7 Years)

Foot size (inches) Asia US UK EU
4 ½ 130 C4 4 19.5
4 7/8 140 C5 5 20.5
5 1/8 145 C6 6 22.5
5 ½ 155 C7 7 23.5
5 7/8 160 C8 8 24.5
6 1/8 165 C9 9 25.5
6 ½ 175 C10 10 27.5
6 7/8 185 C11 11 28.5
7 1/8 190 C12 12 29.5
7 ½ 200 C13 13 30.5

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Crocs Come In Half Sizes?

Regrettably No. Crocs company does not manufacture half size crocs.

Many people experience the problem of crocs being tighter if they choose a half size smaller, thus, causing foot sores. The best practice is to go one size bigger. So, if you’re a size 7.5, you should consider picking the next half size, which is a size 8.

Is Croc Size Similar To Regular Shoe Size?

Although crocs appear different from regular shoes, their sizing is similar. If you wear size 7 shoes, your foot will fit correctly in size 7 crocs.

Keep in mind that different brands have different sizing; you should try before purchasing.

Should My Heels Reach The Back Of My Crocs?

No. Your crocs should fit loosely. The sides of your feet should not be in contact with the sides of your crocs. Also, your toe should not touch the front part.

Ideally, with your foot centered in the crocs, make sure you have roughly ¼ or ½ inch padding at the front of your toes and the back of your heels.

Bottom Line

One of the biggest challenges when buying crocs is how they fit. Whether you are hunting for a pair of crocs for work, home, or hiking, you must have asked yourself, “do crocs run big?” Yes, they do run big. But, if you get the right fit, as explained in this article, there’s nothing to worry about.

Since crocs are available in three different designs, their size and fit also vary with different shoes. Standard fits are built for professionals who wear crocs to/at work. They need shoes that won’t fall off their feet; thus, the entire design must be solid. In such cases, a regular fit is most likely the best option.

Otherwise, if you are looking for comfortable footwear to use at home or when doing errands, the relaxed and roomy fit would work best. They are both accommodative and comfortable.

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