How To Break In Cowboy Boots? Best 8 Methods Explained!

Finding the perfect pair of cowboy boots can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. These boots can be darn uncomfortable at first due to the stitches and the rigid and stiff leather built. But to avoid such inconvenience, you can learn how to break in cowboy boots following the proper instructions from the manufacturer.

Today, I’ll show you some of the quickest and easy ways to break into your cowboy boots overnight. These suggestions ensure the user does not feel pain after wearing the new cowboy boots. And the best part is that you can find all the necessary tools within your hand’s reach as these are mostly common household items.

Take the time to read through all the 8 different methods to break in cowboy boots and give it a try!

Are Cowboy Boots Supposed to be Tight at First?

When I first bought my new cowboy boots, it was quite challenging to break in them. I was convinced that they are too small and won’t fit my feet. But a friend of mine taught me how to break in the cowboy boots overnight.

So, are cowboy boots supposed to be tight at first? Yes. Cowboy boots consist of leather material from cowhides, alligators, and snake skins. These materials are rigid and stiff to make the cowboy boots tight at first.

However, cowboy boots leather is elastic and stretches with time. The stretching will allow the movement around the heels comfortably. So, I recommend buying cowboy boots made from genuine leather.

But if you feel like the movement around the heel is still too tight, the boots will be quite uncomfortable to use.

Are Cowboy Boots Supposed to be Tight at First

Perfect fitting cowboy boots should have adequate toe space, and heels should not rub the back when walking. It should also ensure the sides do not cause painful pressure on the feet.

How to Break In Cowboy Boots – Quick Methods

Investing in a new pair of cowboy boots brings a good feeling. But these boots can pinch and make you feel uncomfortable when they are new. Below are the quickest and easy ways to break in your cowboy boots:

How to Break In Cowboy Boots

1. Heat The Boots Up

The method involves using a heat source like a hair dryer or steamer. Remember not to put the heat source too close to the boots to reduce the burning risk.

Hold the hairdryer about 6-8 inches away from the boot. Be sure to focus the heat on the heels and sides. The heat will make the leather expand to conform to your feet.

2. Wear The Boots With Two Pairs Of Socks

Wearing cowboy boots with two pairs of socks is an excellent option for increasing the width and height of the toe boxes. It makes the area stretch up to relieve pressure on the toes.

Wear the boots while in the house to avoid cramming toes together and blisters formation. I recommend trying this method when the weather is warm.

3. Use A Boot Tree

A boot tree is another reliable method to break in your cowboy boots. These handy tools help maintain the shape and dehumidify the cowboy boots.

Allow the boot trees to sit the cowboy boots overnight to make the leather more elastic. I recommend this method during the rainy season since the boot tree will absorb moisture.

4. Use Ice

Ice is the cheapest method to break in your cowboy boots. It sounds strange, but it will help expand the cowboy boots without distorting the shape.

Place the plastic bags inside the cowboy boots and fill them with water. Put the boots in the refrigerator overnight and remove the ice in the morning.

The ice makes the leather relax and facilitates a perfect fit when wearing cowboy boots. It will only work when the water amount appears tight in the boots.

5. Condition And Moisturize Your Boots

Conditioning and moisturizing the boots are the most reliable methods to break in. The oils help soften the fibers and make it easier for the feet to stretch the relaxed leather.

Use a clean rag to apply the conditioner on the boots in a circular motion and cover them overnight. Take a horsehair brush and buff each boot before wearing it.

6. Use Warm And Damp Bath Towels

It is an excellent DIY method to break in your cowboy boots. It will make the cowboy boots leather relax and feet comfortable after wearing them.

Tuck a warm and damp bath towel in each cowboy boot. Repeat the process until the boots get softer and more comfortable.

7. Use Alcohol To Soften Leather

Alcohol or wine is a crucial component for stretching new leather. The ingredients make the leather fibers softer and more relaxed.

Put the alcohol in a spray bottle and apply it on the vamp, heel, and toe box. Wear the boots immediately and allow the alcohol to dry.

8. Submerge The Boots In Water

It is an inexpensive method that helps your cowboy boots achieve a custom fit. Saturating the cowboy boots with water help the leather relaxes and become elastic.

Submerge the cowboy boots in a bucket filled with water and soak every part. Wear the boots and walk to stretch the leather.

I recommend this method during warm seasons since the leather will take a long period to dry. It also comes with some limitations in the long run.

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Tips to Prevent Blisters When Breaking In Cowboy Boots

A rigid and stiff pair of cowboy boots can cause blisters and pain when breaking in. Below are tips to prevent blisters when breaking in cowboy boots:

Tips to Prevent Blisters When Breaking In Cowboy Boots

  • Use a leather conditioner to loosen the fibers for more comfortable wear and make the boots look incredible.
  • Flex the cowboy boot soles and heels several times to loosen them up a little bit. It will help prevent slipping and soreness on the feet.
  • Use cowboy boot socks to cushion and absorb moisture. It will keep the feet dry and more comfortable.
  • Add a cowboy boot insole to provide extra support and cushion. The option helps reduce slippage along the arch and prevent blister formation when breaking in the cowboy boots.

Bottom Line

With the above methods on how to break in cowboy boots, you won’t find it challenging to wear a brand new pair. Each method has been tested and proven to guarantee success.

But you need to exercise patience and follow the right steps. Ensure your feet stay safe and comfortable in the boots to maintain their shape.

Breaking in a new pair of cowboy boots is a no-brainer task with the above methods, regardless of your experience level. So, feel free to share these tips with your friends or families.

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