Can Birkenstocks Get Wet? – All You Need To Know

Even if you want it or not, your casual pair of shoes will get wet eventually. That’s why, before purchasing your new Birkenstock you should be concerned about whether it’s water resistant or not. After all, those shoes are not that cheap, right? So, all our worries sum up to: can Birkenstocks get wet?

Yes, Birkenstocks like most other shoes get wet. Prolonged contact with water can damage the natural elements of the shoe like jute or the corks. However, it’s absolutely fine if you walk through rain one day. You can easily dry out the shoes afterward and wear them.

In this article, we are explaining what happens when your Birkenstocks get wet and how to fix it. Sounds interesting? Then, stick with us till the end.

Can Birkenstocks Get Wet?

Birkenstocks don’t have any synthetic material in them. All the ingredients are natural and sustainable. That means the shoes will easily get wet. That being said, Birkenstocks use expensive cork that has a high number of pores. As a result, even if you let water inside the soles, it won’t be locked.

Can Birkenstocks Get Wet

The water can easily escape through the pores if you let it dry. And, that’s how you make the Birkenstocks reusable again. That’s a very useful feature. Because there’s no way you can 100% avoid water while walking.

What Happens To Birkenstocks When They Get Wet?

If you let water get inside the Birkenstock soles, the cork layer will absorb it. As a result, the shoes will feel heavier than usual. Here’s a detailed explanation for that.

Absorbs The Water

First, the jute layer on top and then the inner sole will absorb the water droplets. As we have said, there are many pores beside the cork molecules. Water droplets can easily take up space. As a result, the weight of the shoe increases. You will find it difficult and uncomfortable to walk for long hours.

Leaves Stain

If you don’t clean up the shoes afterward, all the dirt can leave a stubborn stain on the buckles. Especially if the Birkenstocks are vegan or leather, the probability of getting stained is higher.

Stinky Smell

If your feet sweat too much, they will produce oil. Once the oil gets inside with the water, the result is a bad odor. It mostly happens with leather ones.

You might already know the smell of a wet leather sheet. That’s the kind of smell you can expect. Of course, it is not the most flattering to leave the house with that funky smell on your body.

What To Do When Your Birkenstock Gets Wet?

It’s okay if you accidentally wet a Birkenstock. It doesn’t mean your shoes are ruined as long as you know how to dry them. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you refurbish the wet Birkenstocks.

Step 1: Remove the Dirt

First of all, we will start by removing all the mud or dirt from the shoes. Some people start the drying process without wiping it first. Don’t make this mistake. Take a paintbrush and remove all the rubbish. Make sure you are not missing the innersole or any corner. You can use water if needed.

remove dirty

Step 2: Brush It Gently

Now, the shoes are ready for further cleaning. We would suggest you buy a Birkenstock cleaning kit. It contains a spray and stain repellent. If you have a leather Birkenstock, you might not want to use water to remove the stain.

In that case, the spray from this kit could be a great alternative. After you have sprayed over the shoe, use a microfiber cloth to gently rub the product.

If the stain is more stubborn, use the stain repellent from the kit. The key is to be gentle. Remember that the top layer is more vulnerable after it’s wet. So, make sure you are not damaging the fibers even more.

Step 3: Let It Dry

If you are satisfied with the cleaning, leave it to dry completely. We would always prefer air drying. However, if you are in a rush, keep it under mild or indirect sunlight. And, avoid methods like blow drying your shoes. It is more harmful than beneficial.

Step 4: Apply Sealant

This step is not mandatory. However, if there’s a chance of getting the shoes wet again, try applying a cork sealant. Here’s how you can do that:

  • First, use sandpaper to sand the already existing top coating.
  • Once the remaining layer is already off, use a paintbrush to apply a thin layer of sealant.
  • Make sure to reapply only after the first layer is dry.

When you buy the shoes, it comes with a fresh coating on top. That’s the reason why it looks a bit shiny. Over time, the sealant disappears and the shoe starts to look more matte.

Cork sealants restrict water drops to get inside the sole. If you are going outside on a rainy day, it’s probably the best way to protect your shoes. Also, the sealant needs to be reapplied periodically.

Are Birkenstocks Good For Sweaty Feet?

If there’s the only shoe that can support sweaty feet well, it would be Birkenstock. That’s the reason, people are willing to spend $100 on these shoes. And, they are not wrong. If your feet sweat, the shoe options keep getting narrower.

Are Birkenstocks Good For Sweaty Feet

Here are some reasons why Birkenstocks work well for sweaty feet.


Birkenstocks are mostly made with corks. Whenever your feet sweat, the heat breaks down the macromolecule of the sole. It starts to change its shape around your feet to get a better grip.

Plus, the sweat will easily dry out. Because none of the materials are known for locking moisture inside. So, if you compare it with other shoes, your feet definitely feel less sweaty in Birkenstocks.


Any person with sweaty feet can confirm that heavy shoes trigger sweating more than anything. But Birkenstocks come with a lightweight and durable EVA foam, corks, and leather. Apart from being breathable, they are also not heavy on your feet.

Changeable Sole

Also, every part of a Birkenstock can be altered, especially the inner soles. It is a great trick. If you use leather Birkenstocks, it might take a while to fully dry out the oil and sweat. In that case, you can just use another sole and give the old one a break. That way you can avoid feeling damp while walking.

Are Birkenstocks Really Worth It?

After all the discussion, you might be wondering whether you should spend money on Birkenstocks or not. Well, let’s make this clear. Birkenstocks are more than regular shoes.

Are Birkenstocks Really Worth It

The comfort of your feet is unmatchable. So, if you are looking for an everyday pair of shoes, you should definitely give Birkenstocks a chance. And, here’s our reasoning for this.

Customized Shape

Birkenstock’s footbed has three distinguished layers. You have a cork in the middle which is perfectly sandwiched between natural jute (top layer) and latex.

When you wear the shoes for a few days, the soft layer of jute molds itself to match your feet’ size. Not just that, it copies every arch of your feet. And slowly the whole sole of the shoe is molded in your foot’s shape.

You have to give Birkenstocks a chance by breaking them in for at least 5 to 7 days. And, that’s it. Once your shape is imprinted on the sole, it becomes your feet’s best buddy.


Don’t have much time to create an outfit? You can put your trust in Birkenstocks. These timeless shoes work with almost any outfit. Whether you are running errands, going to a beach, or having lunch, having Birkenstocks saves a lot of your time in front of the mirror.

More Comfortable

Unlike other stylish shoes, Birkenstocks are highly comfortable. You can walk for hours in these shoes without feeling any pain. The shape of the footbed has a lot to do with that.

If you have noticed, Birkenstocks have a platform body. Unlike heels, such shapes help our body’s blood circulation. Since there’s no interruption in the flow of blood, your feet don’t get swollen.

Did you know that doctors recommend Birkenstocks if you experience foot pain? Because there’s no extra pressure on a specific point of your feet like the heels. And it feels more natural.

Natural Elements

All the parts in a Birkenstock are natural. The Jute layer is very porous. It doesn’t suffocate your feet. Instead, it lets your feet breathe. Moreover, you can always ask for a repair.

Whether you have damaged the buckles or the leather, it can be replaced. If you are a fan of sustainable products, Birkenstocks will really win your heart.

Regular Maintenance Tips for your Birkenstock

Birkenstocks are not certainly very cheap. So, you might want to have the pair with you for a longer time. Guess what? You can increase the lifespan of your favorite pair with just a little care or maintenance. Have a look.

  • Apply Cork Sealant before visiting the beach wearing Birkenstocks.
  • It’s better to air dry your shoes rather than putting them inside a dryer.
  • Use stain repellent to erase any spots on the shoes.
  • Don’t keep the shoes wet for a long time.
  • Avoid keeping Birkenstocks under direct sunlight during hot summer.


We are almost at the bottom of this article. But before we sign off, let’s answer some of your most-asked questions about Birkenstocks.

How Long Do Birkenstocks Last?

If you regularly wear one, it should last about 2 years. But, keep in mind that the longevity of shoes depends on the person wearing them. There are some people who can get 9 to 10 years out of a Birkenstock pair.

However, it requires several repairs. That means you can dramatically increase your Birkenstock pair lifespan by taking proper care.

Can Oiled Leather Birkenstocks Get Wet?

Oiled Leather Birkenstocks are more vulnerable to water. The water can especially wash out the moisture inside the leather. That can lead to dry leather which eventually cracks open.

If you don’t want that to happen, try to coat the leather with the moisturizer that comes in the maintenance kit.

Can I Shower With My Birkenstocks?

No, you can’t shower with your Birkenstocks. We know that wetting the shoes a few times won’t affect their durability. But it’s still not a waterproof model.

Try to use a synthetic sandal or slipper while showering. Regularly showering with a leather Birkenstock can also leave black stains on it.

What Material Are Birkenstocks Made Of?

The most common material used in Birkenstocks is natural and high-quality corks. They can be reproduced again and again. The other elements you find are latex, jute, and leather.

Instead of cork, you can choose an alternative with EVA foam as the main sole. It doesn’t absorb water and feels very lightweight.

Can You Wear Birkenstocks in the Rain?

Yes, wetting the shoes in the rain a few times won’t do much harm. Birkenstocks are pretty durable and easy to dry out. All you have to do is follow the steps we mentioned in this article.

However, try to not wet it frequently. The cork sole will absorb the rainwater and might end up deforming the shoe.

Can You Wear Birkenstocks To The Beach?

Yes, Birkenstocks can be worn while visiting a beach. We suggest applying a cork sealant before you go outside. This small step will prevent any water droplets from entering the sole.

And, make sure to thoroughly clean up the shoes once you return. Otherwise, the sand from the beach can find its way into the soles.


Even though Birkenstocks are not ideal as waterproof shoes, we think it’s totally worth your consideration. Birkenstocks have been in this industry for quite a long time.

Unlike other shoe brands, they have stuck with one main goal. It’s to give your feet personalized footwear. You have no other choice but to love it. However, it’s not beach-wear. You can’t let it soak with water all day. If you want a waterproof Birkenstock, try their new EVA foam model.

The sole doesn’t absorb water and lets you enjoy a pool day without worrying about getting your shoes. So that was all for today. Hopefully, you have found all the answers you were looking for.

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