How to Stretch Boot for High Arch Feet?

When it comes to boots, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, if you’ve got a high-arched feet and your new boot is just too tight, then chances are your feet aren’t going enjoy them as much as your eye! Fortunately, boot stretching is an easy way to make your favorite pair of boots more comfortable.

If you are wondering how to stretch boot for high arch feet, then look no further. The best way to break a pair of boots is by wearing them too often. If your feet are still sore, it’s time for some boot stretching and conditioning! But what if you can’t get the fit just right because of your high arch?

There may be hope yet; read on as we teach you how to stretch these stubborn footwear items so they’ll feel like an entirely different world when slipping into them again.

How to Stretch Boot for High Arch Feet?

It’s so important to be comfortable in your shoes. It will also help with foot health if you wear an uncomfortable fit for too long! Achy feet, sore toes- it can make wearing any type of footwear a nightmare. There are many ways we’ve found home remedies or professional treatment options.How to Stretch Boot for High Arch Feet

Let’s find out some way to make your boot and feet both happier, by knowing how to stretch boot for high arch feet.

1. Stretching Spray or Oil Conditioner Can Be a Great Help

For those who have been on the hunt for a way to stretch their old boots, it is now possible with shoe care products. There are sprays and conditioners designed specifically for this purpose! If you use an oil-based one, then simply rub some into your leather footwear before letting them sit overnight so that they can relax just enough while still retaining most of their original foot shape.

Or you can use spray similarly which should be applied on both outside leather surfaces and the inside as well. But you need to remember: “read instructions carefully because not all brands recommend using these types externally or internally” depending upon what type suits bests suit individual needs best.

2. Boot Stretcher Can Be A Simple Way

Boot stretchers are a great way to get your boots in proper shape. They can help stretch out leather, especially if you need them stretched at the arch or ankle areas of both shoes. Other products will work specifically for other parts of footwear so it’s worth looking into!

Boot Stretcher Can Be A Simple Way

In order not to damage the leather, be very careful when stretching your shoes. You can leave a boot stretcher in for several hours before removing it and then use that time as an opportunity to stretch just enough so that you don’t overdo it or risk damaging any parts of this valuable boot!

3. Try Wearing A Thick Sock

Stretching out leather boots can be tricky, but it is possible with some patience. One of the best ways to stretch an athletic shoe or boot’s calfskin upper without discomfort?

Wear thick socks and place your arched foot into the shoe so that they fill up all of its space- which will increase its size by around 5%. This stretching technique should only take about an hour before you’re able to achieve desired results!

There is an easy way to stretch your boots without putting yourself in pain, but chances are if you’re doing it then they’re already too tight. The sock method might make them even tighter and more uncomfortable than before!

However, if you can overcome the initial pressure, then it will be an amazing and most natural way to stretch your boot.

4. Let’s Freeze Them Out!

Those who have high arches and don’t want to spend the money on a boot stretcher as they’ve already put their money on buying work boots for high arches. There is an alternative that may work.

Ready to take on the frozen tundra? Fill your heavy-duty food storage bags nearly full with water, then pop them in each boot and put the whole kit together in the freezer overnight.

The next day when you wake up make sure they’re completely thawed before removing any of those ices from their packaging or else there might be some permanent damage!

5. Newspaper Method

One of the best ways to help your favorite leather boots stay soft and supple is with a little bit of old-fashioned ingenuity. Crumple up some wads from an outdated newspaper, then carefully wet it a little before stuffing it into your shoes for storage purposes!

As this print dries out over time as well as being dried by air circulation around your home or workplace (which can be tough), it’s sure to get them back just in shape again without having spent any money at all on their repairs.

6. Using Blow-dry

As the summer heat starts to become unbearable, try out this cool trick for your leather boots! You don’t want your boots to get wet, so be sure they’re on with thick socks before you blast them dry. Then turn up the blow-dryer for 20 – 30 seconds and keep testing alternate pairs until they fit just right!

Keep the footwear cool while testing it out with an ordinary pair of shoes before taking off once again! You’ll be surprised how much extra breathing room there is if these simple steps have been followed correctly.

Final Thought

If the boots are too tight and cause foot pain then not only will they make us uncomfortable but over time this could lead to long-term health or foot issues as well. To avoid these problems, stretch just enough for them so they become form-fitting without being excessively loose.

Now the wondering days of thinking about how to stretch boot for high arch feet days are over with today’s guide. You should never wear uncomfortable boots when you are out in the field. When your flat feet hurt, it will take away from all of the fun things that we get to do as hunters and fishermen such as hunting or fishing!

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